Aug 17, 2013: Good Morning from Betsy Rose!

"Good morning everyone! Betsy Rose here! I wanted to pop in and thank everyone for caring about me and my friend, Freckles. Guess what? We have presents to open today! I saw a couple of boxes Mommy Theresa put in the tack room and wondered what they were. We get to find out later today! Anyway, I just wanted thank everyone. And, if you don’ t mind, please take a minute to vote for us on the TSC and Bank contests. With your help we CAN win! I know it would take a lot of worry off Mommy Theresa’s plate. I heard her say the cold season is coming and we’re going to need a lot of hay. And if you ask your family and friends to vote, that would help a lot. I’m alive today because a lot of you helped with my care – many good things can happen when we all work together. Mommy Theresa says it takes a village! I believe we can win – please, believe with me and vote!"

"Remember when I came here I said, "I CAN DO THIS!? Well I am doing it – and I want to help other horses by telling the world about what happened to me. I have to go now – it’s feeding time – but I’ll be back later. Have a good day!"


Betsy Rose