Aug 27, 2013 Momma & Baby Donkey – warning – graphic pics

Warning! Graphic Images.

Our newest rescue as of today, Mommy & Baby Donkey. Poor Baby and Mommy Donkey!
A month old baby mini donkey should be running and playing in green fields.

Mommy donkey is not in good shape.

"Welcome to your new family, little one. We’re going to help you and your momma get healthy.
Enjoy the trailer ride and no worries, ok?"

Special delivery!

The vet will be here around 4 pm to see mom and baby. The momma has some real issues to overcome.
I’ll post more then. This was taken before they loaded to come today.

Content. Precious. Sad. Very sad. I’m glad they are here.

Momma is very sweet. She’s only 3 to 4 years young – just a baby herself.

I have no words.

Please pray for momma and baby donkeys. Dr. Julia Simonson examined them this evening and momma likely has SCC. As bad as her left eyes looks, it does not appear that the cancer has reached the eye but is above it on the eye lid. Her right eye, even though it looks better, may be more of an issue. She isn’t making much milk for baby but with proper nutrition and supplements, she will likely improve. The baby is a little thin but bright and playful. They are both munching on forage and drinking water. They seem very content. I feel badly for momma – she is young, only 3 or 4 years old. Dr. Julia is consulting with a surgeon tomorrow to come up with a treatment plan and cost estimate. She can likely be admitted to the hospital on Wednesday.


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