Aug 29, 2013: Daisy & Baby Boo Update

Yesterday, the tumor on Daisy’s eyelid was debrided. Today, she started chemo injections on both tumors (left and right eyes). We hope to save both eyes but hopefully, at least one. If the left eyelid is removed, she will lose the eye. Daisy is handling everything well. She is only 3 – 4 years old and possibly pregnant. I’m sure she feels better with the huge mass gone. I’m not going to say she is going to be ok – only time will give us that answer. She is being a very brave girl and baby Boo is too. We are finalizing a foster home situation for them. Here at the rescue isn’t a good place for any pink skin animal – we have very little shade. I’m very sorry for what Daisy has had to endure – she should have received help when the issue first started. But we can’t go back in time – we can only enjoy the present and the future with her and with baby Boo. And we pray for healthy and long lives for both of them. I’m not sure when they will be released but I’ll update as I know more.

Boo was happy when her mom got back to their stall.

Straight to the milk bar! Daisy is a very good mom.

After surgery – she did well.

Dr. Hughes checking on her.

If anyone would like to help with Daisy and Baby Boo’s care, donations can be called directly into Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital at 352-237-6151.

Thank you all for your love and support.



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