Sept 1, 2013: Betsy Rose Update

She did eat some today – more so if I hold her food or sit next to her. Her temp is fine and she is drinking. In fact, her urine looks better than ever. She is munching on alfalfa too. If she gets worse, the vet will be called out. Otherwise, when Dr. Julia comes out on Tuesday, we’ll have her examine Betsy Rose too, and do some blood work.

Another thing – Betsy Rose may be sore. These past few days, she’s used muscles she hasn’t used in a long time in the process of getting up and down. This morning, she laid down in her stall, blind side up, and we have always had to help her get up when she goes down on that side. Well, she waited for me to get there and when I did, I told her to relax for help was on the way (waiting for Bob). Well, she gave me that look (step back and just watch me!) and whinnied and the next thing I know, she’s on her front knees with her butt in the air and then she hopped her front end up! She shook herself off and seemed to beam! So – another major milestone today!



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