Sept 1st 2013: Friday & Saturday Update

I’m not sure why I didn’t get this published last weekend – sorry about that. Update from a week ago!

Betsy Rose went on a walk with me around the house last evening. She was exploring!

The weekend really started out well for Daisy and Boo! Shade and grass and lots of TLC!

Bob and I went to visit Momma Daisy and Baby Boo today! The area around Daisy’s eye is still very swollen but she nevertheless, seems very comfortable. They both stuck their noses up for kisses. Love those long ears!

Love those long ears!

Our beautiful Magic. I am so very proud of this boy and the progress he has made in trusting people.

The three boys. CaryLou, Harvey, and Wally. Weaning for Harvey has begun. Gracie is just on the other side of the fence.

Saturday Morning siesta.

Sleeping beauties.



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