Surprise Visitors

The Adventures of Betsy Rose & Freckles Continues

We got to the barn early this morning and heard some chatter going on. Thinking Betsy Rose was talking in her sleep, we peeked into her stall window and guess what we saw? Betsy Rose talking to Raggedy Ann’s twin sister JoAnn, and her brother, Andy, who made a surprise visit during the night!!

"Freckles! Guess how JoAnn and Andy got here?? They rode in a balloon all the way from Wisconsin! What a long ride! I bet they are hungry – let’s share our cookies with them!"

"I hope y’all like the cookies – we all LOVE them!"

"But you should only have one for now – we don’t want you getting a tummy ache. That’s what Mommy Theresa tells us! Raggedy Ann, come on down and have a cookie with us!"

Betsy Rose was such a good girl – she shared with everyone! And she promised more cookies and adventures tomorrow!

"Look what we brought as a gift for Betsy Rose! Her very own picture of Cloud the Stallion!"

Good Night, Everyone.

Betsy Rose & Freckles