BH Weekend Update – Sept 13th – 16th

On Friday morning, we discovered Morgan colicing. She had pooped twice but was pretty uncomfortable even with medications. The vet arrived and set up an IV catheter for us to run fluids.

Morgan had a quiet night after getting more meds and fluids. She went poop twice but no oil yet. She slurped up her soupy mash on Saturday morning.

Morgan and Brittany, Pamela Zarem’s daughter, recently going for a walk. Pam was fostering Morgan for a bit. Morgan doesn’t get nearly the attention here that she did at Pam’s. She’s a good girl and deserves her forever home.

Betsy Rose is still adorable!

Oh my! Lucy came over for scratches and Betsy Rose hopped in the air and ran her off! It was like the babies doing the cricket dance – all four feet off the ground at once! Poor Lucy.

"Y’all stay right there. I’m going to graze for a few minutes and wander over to the feed room to see if there’s anyone in there that will give me a treat, ok? I’ll be right back."

View of the "front yard".

Mini’s everywhere. LOL

Lucy, Wally, and CaryLou grazing together.

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Thank you all for your continued love and support.



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