Update Sept 23rd – 25th 2013

Lake Beauty’s Haven. The sand bags that were put down last week – washed away yesterday. I have never seen so much rain accumulate so quickly! We were under generator power and had all the babies tucked in with Betsy Rose and Lucy. The lightning was horrible. Erosion? I don’t want to talk about it. Not complaining, it could be worse. Everyone is safe.

Gentleman is doing very well considering he’s 30+ years young. Some days, he moves better than others, but don’t we all? He’s a happy horse. And he is loved so very much!

Solace is also doing very well. This was taken yesterday before the horrible storms. That’s Gentleman’s big butt on the left – they have become very good friends.

Over a year ago, we took on a case of 30+ Paso Fino’s that had pretty much been living feral for almost 3 years. This is Laila – one of the mares. When we rescued her, she was an emotional wreck that was full of nervous energy. When she’d swish her tail, she would move forward as though something was spooking her. Well, at the time, we didn’t know that inside of the mess of a tail was about 12" of barb wire. The poor mare – she’d swish her tail and the barb would poke her. Melissa and George have done a great job with her – look at her now!

Dr. Julia examined Betsy Rose last evening as she’s been having an issue with her back left hip/leg/stifle. Sometimes, she doesn’t want to put weight on it. Dr. Julia thinks she’s strained the muscles and may want to do an ultrasound if she is no better in a couple of weeks. She does not think Betsy Rose fractured anything which was her initial concern. She recommends Betsy Rose stay on stall rest, with some hand walking, and acupuncture/massage – she was back this morning to do acupuncture. Since Betsy Rose is still very fragile in many ways, please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Many of you may know who Schoep and John are, but you may not be aware of the organization, Stop Animal Cruelty Worldwide. They help animals in need and they have a Facebook page and a website – . They made a beautiful blanket especially for Betsy Rose in honor of Schoep. I call it her "comfort blanket". It’s one of a kind and very special, just like Betsy Rose. I will post more photos of it in an album tomorrow – Betsy Rose has some things to say about it and she wants to share. Many thanks to Pamela Thompson and everyone at SACW!

Tiffany Redmon did a beautiful drawing of Betsy Rose. "Mommy Theresa that looks like ME!" Betsy is so proud of it! It is hanging on her wall along with a picture of Cloud the Stallion.

And now a long awaited story that I have wanted to share about Betsy’s introduction to Beanie Barbaro:

"Betsy Rose and Freckles, we have a new visitor who would like to meet you."

"Who is it, Mommy Theresa?"

"Hello Betsy Rose! And this must be your best friend, Freckles. I have heard so much about you. My name is Beanie Barbaro and I have been traveling throughout the United States meeting very special horses like you."

"I am so happy to meet you, Beanie Barbaro. What a very pretty name."

"I was named after one of the greatest racehorses ever! His name was Barbaro – he won the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May, 2006. He was so very fast and ran like the wind."

"Wow, Beanie Barbaro, he sounds like such a special horse!"

"Barbaro was indeed very special, Betsy Rose. Sadly, he broke his leg in his next race and spent many months in the hospital. Barbaro had a wonderful doctor who cared for him. His name was Dr. Richardson."

"Is Barbaro all better now, Beanie Barbaro?"

"No Betsy Rose, Barbaro got a very bad disease called Laminitis which caused him much pain. He is in heaven now, watching down upon you and all of the other horses throughout the world. Although, he is on the other side of Rainbow Bridge, he is still helping horses everywhere. More research is being done to help prevent and treat laminitis so other horses don’t suffer."

"That is so sad, Beanie Barbaro. I would have loved to meet Barbaro."

"Barbaro is here in spirit, Betsy Rose. He is all around you, and together with your Mommy Theresa, maybe he has something to do with making you all better."

"I am so happy, that you have decided to visit Beauty’s Haven, Beanie Barbaro. I can’t wait to introduce you to all the other horses that live here!"

"I am happy to be here, Betsy Rose. I have heard that this is, indeed, a very special place…

Betsy Rose and friends spending some time with Beanie Barbaro who visited for a few days. Oh the stories they told!!!

Betsy Rose helps us to believe!

God bless and thank you! Have a great evening, Everyone!



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