BHFER Saturday, October 19th Update

This is the unhandled stud I’ve been visiting. He’s beautiful and is trying to stay calm in the presence of a human. He’s just unsure. But each day, his comfort level is a bit better. Baby steps.

When I arrived at the property on Wednesday evening to check on him, both he and the long horn ran from the other side of the 10 acres. Once they met me at the gate, they had a bit of a standoff. The horse won and followed me into the round pen.

A trailer was set up yesterday (Friday) on the property where the stud is located. I’ve been calling him Dayo. I opened up the coral panel enclosure when I got there so he could go in to explore. He was a little apprehensive at first, but he slowly made his way inside to check it out. Baby steps.

Dayo checking out the enclosure from the other side.

Getting a little curious.

He seemed to be thinking, "Oh wow! I’m on the inside now looking out and it’s not that bad!"

His reward for being brave – a carrot and sprinkle of grain.

And then he departed – calm, cool, collected! Baby steps! A little work each day. Hopefully, soon he will be brave enough to eat in the trailer. Everything is new to him – the slightest little thing startles him. But he’s getting better.

Betsy Rose has a new friend – a gift from Roxy! Roxy hand delivered it with lots of love! It was Roxy’s first day back in about a month – we missed her and her dad, Paul.

Betsy Rose even got a much needed bath.

Several UF students came out today to help give the horses baths. It was a beautiful day – the weather was perfect! This Arabian mare is Cerinade – she’s looking for a forever home.

Little Lucy also got a bath!

Aaleyah Belle and her famous tongue. She still loves to slime everyone. She always will. LOL!!

Aaleyah Belle and Indy – both adore attention.

Sisco making sure his mares don’t go anywhere. Sisco is looking for a forever home.

Classy getting her trach cleaned after her bath. We have to be careful not to get water into the trach.

Genesis – a big teddy bear. His right eye was removed this past year due to glaucoma.

HighTower – he’s beautiful and he’s looking for a forever home where he can walk on trails. He has some arthritis in his left knee. He’s like a big puppy dog!

Indy – he’s looking for a forever home. He has a good year of training on him and is a very sweet boy.

It was a really nice day. We made new friends and the horses got much needed baths!

Many thanks to everyone who came out today to help! And a big “Thank You” to Marie Riordan, for putting it all together. GO GATORS!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!



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