Monday PM & Tuesday AM Update October 21st – 22nd.

Yesterday was a picture perfect day! Betsy Rose stood in the sun with her nose in the air. It was like she was just soaking up the sun and the moment.

Bronson was very good for his hooficure yesterday. He’s so sweet, but I feel bad for him. The other boys don’t want much to do with him. He follows Bo around sometimes, but mostly he hangs out around the office or at the front of the house waiting for a human to come out. It’s so important for babies to be socialized with other horses when they are young. Getting human handling is great, but they need to form relationships with horses, too, and they need to learn the ways of the horse. Living alone is better than living in a situation where you are hungry and at risk, but even just having a goat friend may have helped. Soon, we will introduce him to Penny. She will make him feel better.

Gracie also got a hooficure yesterday. She needs to go on a diet as well!

There were some activities going on down the road yesterday and together with Fiona wanting to try out the buffet, Dayo had a tough time staying focused.

Fiona is a very sweet cow – she’s going to live with 3 other cows. She greeted me with moo’s and must have sung to me a dozen times yesterday.

She was a very brave girl!

Fiona is now even eating out of my hand!

CaryLou will be going to the hospital this morning at 8 am. I’m sure he will do fine – it’s a quick out patient procedure. Watching him gimp around here hasn’t been easy. We were going to wait and give it more time and get him moving over some poles, etc. but he gets to where he just can’t move and he gets upset. CaryLou never gets upset – he just gets even. Well, this is his own leg he’s fussing with and he looks pretty down about it. We’ve had quite a few mini’s that have had the procedure and they all did very well.

Wally is looking at CaryLou’s locked up back leg and seems to be saying, "Wow! That is really sad, CaryLou!" Poor CaryLou was stuck for awhile.

This really is one of my favorite photos of CaryLou!

Off to the hospital!

Betsy Rose just loves it when she has visitors!


Gentleman and Solace love extra attention too!

The issue in Betsy Rose’s back leg seems to have resolved. Dr. Julia’s acupuncture really helps her!

Many thanks to "Back on Track" for donating a therapeutic mesh sheet!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, Everyone!



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