Introducing Eagle Oct 24, 2013

I apologize that this didn’t go out last week – I just found it in my “Draft” folder.

Remember Elian? He had been on the ground for a couple of days before we got a call on September 19, 2013, to see if we could help. When we arrived Dr. Ryan did all he could – he ran fluids and gave meds – we tried to help Elian get up but he just could not put weight on his back leg. Dr. Ryan believed there was a fracture. Elian also had a large open wound that wasn’t new – it appeared to have been there for a couple of weeks. Elian suffered. He did. I hope and pray that in the few hours that I was with Elian, he felt love. We Elian now flies with the Heavenly Herd.

The pony that we got a call about on Wednesday from an anonymous person was at the same farm that Elian lived at. Sadly, this pony saw his friend Elian suffer for days and was with him when he crossed Rainbow Bridge. We have named Elian’s friend, Eagle. Eagle was living on sand and standing in poop and he was pretty depressed.

Thankfully, others saw Eagle suffering and picked up the phone and made a call for help. They likely saved his life. The owner reluctantly released Eagle to us and he is here and safe now – we just need to pray he works through his colic. He was examined and treated for colic immediately after he arrived. He had an irritated gut due to both parasites and sand.

Eagle looks tired, very tired. Maybe it’s relief?



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