BH: Thursday, Friday & Saturday Update (10/31/13 – 11/2/13)

Good Friday morning everyone! Yesterday, I was sick. Really sick. Depressingly sick. And somehow I managed to go to sleep with a migraine that had me in tears. But this am I woke up (great start!) feeling better, looked out the window, saw the horses munching on their hay, and the sun is peeking out – we are truly blessed! We have visitors coming today and this afternoon, I hope to see Dayo. His light shines brightly – a beautiful soul that wants to trust. For those that have never experienced what little accomplishments mean to someone (like me), trying to bring around a horse that is terribly afraid of humans, well, each little step of progress is amazing. He is coming around. To watch a horse like Dayo new things, to learn to have trust in us humans, to slowly accept that their life is changing, well, it’s an awesome experience. Just the simple thing of learning to drink from a new water bucket took him a few minutes. He’d approach and retreat. Eventually putting his nose in, then a little more, until finally he realized there was water on the bottom of the bucket. When his nose first touched the water he jumped some. But it didn’t eat him up so he put his nose in deeper – soon, all the way in, he slurped the water up, raised his head and stood tall and looked pretty proud! It made my day! From all of us here – have a blessed day!

New things take him some getting used to. Locked him in the coral panels for awhile and he did great.

Once he got brave enough to put his nose in the bucket and tasted the water, we didn’t see his nose for a bit. I wish we could progress a little faster but it it takes a good 1.5 hours out of my day and with the days getting shorter, and being short on volunteers, it’s hard to get away.

I think he really liked the water. And he seemed proud of himself for being braver than the water bucket. Fiona was locked out munching on a flake of hay.

Bonnie went with me today and helped me add some coral panels to include a gate. Next, we’ll start doing a little round pen work. Baby steps. It’s all good.

We had a good day. It’s a little hard to take pics sometimes. LOL

Fiona lives on the property with Dayo. They can’t catch her either. I’ve had her in the trailer many times and she’ll approach me – she’ll eat out of my hand. But I’m not a cow person and those long horns look pretty serious so I’m happy with giving her some hay while I work with Dayo for now. She does have very kind eyes.

Fiona is one of the prettiest cow’s I’ve ever met! I took this this afternoon at sunset.

Saturday Morning:
The vet is on the way out. Last night, Bonnie was giving out hay and found Ebony laying down which is not like her – especially at hay time. She stayed in a stall last night where we could keep eyes on her. Today, she isn’t feeling much better and she hasn’t gone poop. She isn’t demonstrating discomfort today but we don’t want this to become a crisis so she’ll be examined – tubed and oiled. Was hoping to avoid this – Falabella mini’s are so small. But the vet has small tubes. If only Ebony would go poop we wouldn’t have to do this to her. Normally, when she goes in a stall, she goes poop. But not this time.

The vet tubed and oiled Ebony.

Bronson is doing well! But what else do you see in the photo? Yes – that is Betsy Rose’s butt showing a little muscle!

Cynthia Sanders Heaton and Joey we totally enjoyed your visit! Betsy Rose isn’t spoiled, is she? LOL

Eagle is doing great and will be gelded on Monday. He is one of the sweetest horses I’ve ever met. I’m so glad he will never have to suffer, or watch suffering, again. This artwork was done by Greg Ambrose Visit his Greg Ambrose’s Art Page on FB or his new website at!

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, Everyone.



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