Baby Ray Update Fri pm

I’m going to call it a day soon, at least for a little while. I’m not feeling very good – just plain exhausted I think. Light headed and nauseous. I expect to hear from the hospital tonight after 10 pm. They are going to ultrasound Baby Ray again tomorrow to try to determine what the two lumps are on either side of his abdomen.

We still don’t know the cause of his illness. But the blood work done late this evening was even better than this morning. I really can’t thank all of you enough for your help and for caring. I do believe in the power of prayer – and in miracles. Baby Ray learned when he was just a baby to never give up and we’re very proud of him!

Night everyone. I thought I’d share a photo Ray getting acupuncture today (he’ll get another treatment in the am – it really helped)!

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