BH Weekend Update

We found a blanket for Mollie to wear tonight – the cold snuck up on us! It’s a bit small but her new one should arrive this week. Her eyes look better. Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow to examine her again and do more blood work to see how… she’s progressing. Her appetite is good but she’s running a little bit of a temperature. She’s still on IV antibiotics and gets other supplements as well. You can see the Arabian in her – she’s a proud little girl and we’re very proud of her! She’s a fighter! I’m so glad she held on and that she never gave up – she had been on the ground overnight and until we got to her that day. She deserves everything she’s been deprived of, and more. Her stunted growth is some evidence of her past. Like Betsy Rose, we’ll do our best to make sure all of Mollie’s tomorrow’s are what her past should have been. We love you Mollie!

Betsy Rose introducing her new little friend with angel wings to Bronson.

This is Classy. We had to take her to UF a few years ago because she had to have a permanent tracheotomy. She can’t whinny because of it. She’s a very sweet mare.

Peggy Sue – she’s so cute! She can’t bend her back left leg. Her pelvis was fractured in 3 places when her breeder/owner pulled a baby from her years ago. Peggy Sue is adorable! She’s lost a few lbs which is a good thing!

Gentleman – he’s an icon here that is simply a treasure. He’s an older Percheron that we pray is with us for many more years to come. He’s loved so much!

CJ is doing very well. He will be looking for a home as a pasture pal. He’s beautiful.

Garan is still looking for a home! He’s handsome, funny, and loving!

It would be really nice if Ceri and Garan found a forever home together! They are both really nice registered Arabians.

This is Indy’s Rising Son. We call him Indy. He’s had a good year of training under him and is looking for a home. He’s not going to be a big boy even though his mom was a Percheron cross. His past is a sad one even though he was born here.

Can’t forget Little E! He’s an elderly Arabian – another that everyone adores!

Almost forgot Solace!

It was a very exciting day here this past Friday! Dr. Julia Simonson arranged for Janek Vluggen (from Germany) to come to Beauty’s Haven to work with Betsy Rose and Bella! Janek Vluggen D.O., MRO-EU, EDO® is recognized as the leading expert in the field of modern Equine Osteopathy. To say that I was amazed, would be an understatement! I’ll share more tomorrow – I’m crashing on a project and need to finish up some things. Have a great night all!



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