December 3rd to December 5th Update

Some have been asking about Betsy Rose’s court case. A few weeks ago, the case went to court and the person charged, pleaded, "not guilty." A public defender was appointed – the owner can afford to own another horse but can’t afford an attorney so the court appointed him one – likely paid by our tax dollars. I just checked and the case has been continued yet again.

Betsy Rose and Bronson. So Adorable. Oh, and that is Matilda in the background.

A mini breakfast. They don’t really get much – a little forage so I don’t feel guilty for feeding the big horses. They savor every bite.

Mollie is doing well. The first photo was taken a few days after arrival and the next yesterday. She’s putting on some weight. Hopefully, she will soon get a much needed bath. We have extra volunteers coming! Mollie the first week.

We were told Mollie was a yearling before we picked her up. According to our vet’s, she’s between 3 to 4 years old. She’s likely been neglected most of her life – she’s pretty stunted.

An update on one of our precious rescues – Sierra (aka Sienna Rachel)! She looks great Jamie Coughlin! Y’all have done a great job with her!

It would be so wonderful if Morgan had her very own home for the holidays. She’s a sweet girl that deserves much more one on one attention then she gets here. Her Adoption fee will be lowered to $150 for a limited time!

Morgan is a 19yr old, black, morgan mare, approx 14.3 hands. She is VERY sweet and a great trail horse! She has recently come back to the rescue because her adoptive Mom is not well, but she had nothing but good things to say about Morgan. Morgan is now searching for her forever home. Anyone interested can e-mail Melissa for an application at: bhfer.melissa Adoption fee: $300

CJ is doing much better and is almost ready for a home. He has arthritis in his knees and will be adopted as a pasture pal. Would anyone like to apply to adopt him?

Chico and Lobo will be having visitors on Friday! Wouldn’t it be nice if they had their own home for the holidays?

Amy is still adorable! Fuzzy, but adorable.

Ceri got a MUCH needed bath today! A 15 year old Arabian mare still looking for a home!

Baby Bronson getting a hooficure today. He’s growing!

Gracie ready to leave to go to a wonderful foster home that is only 12 minutes away!

An update on Baby Ray: after much discussion with the adoptive mom and Baby Ray’s care team, we have agreed that it would be in Baby Ray’s best interest to return to Florida. He has been monitored closely and his heart rate is still elevated – it is working harder to pump blood in the colder environment. When blood vessels constrict to preserve heat, the heart has to work harder to squeeze blood through narrow vessels. We don’t want to take a chance that it may be too much for Ray’s heart. We still don’t know what caused him to become sick but we all agree that his recovery was miraculous. And we all agree that we don’t want to take any chances. We know he will be in great hands coming home – Pamela Zarem will be transporting him back. She and her family will foster him for awhile. It’s much more calm at her house which would be better for Baby Ray. Here, there is much to get him excited about – horses running and playing. He will only be 15 minutes away. And he will have Tony the Donkey and Cherokee the Mini, as friends.

Get your own Certificate for helping Betsy Rose and/or Mollie! Each horse has its own donate button BELOW their photos! Thank you Dawn ( Horse and Man)! HOLIDAY BUCKET FUND DONATION GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE HERE! Help either SHELBY or BETSY ROSE & MOLLIE – and receive donation certificates to give as gifts! click here: and scroll to the bottom to get to Betsy Rose and Mollie.

We could use some help with another load of hay. Any amount of a donation would help. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Thank you all for your continued love and support.



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