December 12th Update…

Magic getting some apple today. Thank you Kathy Breakall, and your family, for coming to visit today – and for the horse treats!

Betsy Rose just loves it when we have visitors!

Mollie is doing better. Her temp is normal. Her heart rate has remained higher than normal but this is not uncommon with horses that have been starved to the point she had been. It will get better as she gets better – she’s slowly but surely building much needed muscle. She’s a sweet girl – she’s very lucky to be alive.

It sure looks like Mollie is smiling, doesn’t it? She loves scratches. She has us trained.

Mollie (3 to 4 yrs old) is not much bigger than baby Bronson.

CaryLou – he still "struts"!

Our precious little Lily.

And then there is Matilda – such a sweet girl. Love the long ears!

This is Little E. He’s a 30+ year old Arabian that was struck by lightening years ago. He’s an "Old One" that we just adore.



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