Updates December 25th – December 28th 2013

Christmas Day

Santa was very good to the horses – treat stuffed stockings for everyone!

Trixie in her cute little "minion" outfit at Christmas. LOL

Well, our son had a great time on the slopes in NC and our daughter made it back home in time for Christmas – she had a great visit with family in Georgia! Ceri and Garan settled in well at their new home – it isn’t the same without them but they have their own human family now – just in time for Christmas!

December 27th

Our son, Joshua, finally made it home for Christmas!

December 28th

It was a busy day today but we did get to have some fun. The weather wasn’t great though.

Jenny was here today and I even got her up to ride!


Magnum is doing well but still needs to gain some weight. We gave him another good bath today. He had many open sores on the sides of his face, chest, legs, and under his tummy when he got here a couple of weeks ago but they have mostly healed. His little buddy Pistol, the mini donkey, will be getting gelded next week.

It’s a little dark but this is Molly watching GMan eat from the big bale of hay under the shelter. She’s feeling great and is all over the place. She swings her neck/head around just like an Arabian and is a joy to watch!

Beauty. It’s because of her that Beauty’s Haven "is".

Cookie chilling in her stall. Paul was at the back of the barn taking inventory of donations of blankets, wraps, etc.

CJ ran and played today even though he is permanently lame and needs a home as a pasture pal where, ideally, there is only one or two other horses. Here, there are so many horses and anytime others start running, he wants to join in. He needs calm. It really bothers me when he tries to run – he’s lame and it makes him so uncomfortable. Please help us to find him a suitable home. No adoption fee.

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Have a great Sunday, everyone!



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