December 30, 2013 Update

Many thanks to Karen and Steve – they picked up and delivered hay for us today! This is Karen meeting Mollie.

Mollie’s HR and RR are still above normal but they are getting better. She has more energy and is getting stronger.

This is where Mollie had a bed sore from struggling to try to get up the first few days. The sore has healed and her new coat is growing. It’s healthy and beautiful. If you tilt your head a little, and use your imagination, it’s in the shape of a heart.

I thought I got a better video today of Mollie, sorry, it’s not great but at least you can see how she is doing. She ran and played, did the tail in the air and neck thing that Arabians do, accompanied by snorting. She’s going to be ok.

Santana – THE perfect babysitter. He has TONS of patience! The mini’s take turns standing under him – it’s hilarious! That’s Harvey’s backside you see under Santana in this photo.

We have some horses that will be needing help in order to get some vetting and x-rays done.

Solace – he’s been laying down more than usual, not finishing all of his food, and looks like he just doesn’t feel well at times. He’s just not himself. We’d like to have a physical done – including blood work.

Sisco – he’s lame on the front right foot and needs x-rays. Sisco is a cancer survivor and an awesome horse. We’d like to find him a great forever home but we need to resolve this issue first. He’s a 1987 model. Sisco loves the mares and has no clue he’s over 15 yrs old. LOL

CJ – he’s always had a bum left knee and is lame but he gets around pretty well but he will never be sound. We’d like to have the knee x-rayed. CJ needs a quiet home as a pasture pal where he won’t be as active as he is here. He forgets about his knee and runs a lot here – it’s simply not good for him. CJ is about 15 years young.

Cookie – I’d like to have the area where the cancer was removed near her left eye to be examined – there may be a new growth. She also needs her front feet x-rayed.

Would anyone like to help with any of these needs? I’d like to get on Dr. Porter’s schedule and get it all done on the same day.

We need horse size Farnam Super Mask’s (double velcro) without ears. Between the sand, sun, and lime rock dust that we have here, most of the horses wear a mask and they have to be changed daily. We have enough of the long nose masks at this time.

This is Little E, Sisco, and Gentleman in the photo. Matilda is under the tree in the background. These are our "old ones" that are simply amazing and are loved very much.

God bless and have a great night everyone!



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