January 2, 2014 Update

Sue and her sister, June, visited with Ruby in the horrible weather today. The little Boston’s are Popper and Trixie! Trixie is a rescue. She came to us with Stage 4 heartworms and congestive heart failure a year ago and is now doing well.

Bonnie getting a little help from the peanut gallery. LOL

Kitty Cat

Oreo (a rescue) was all curled up and napping in the feed room. He still doesn’t seem to be feeling great but the vet says nothing is wrong.

Classy with Indy and Donovan in the background.

Gentleman and June. We had to rush to get horses brushed and blankets on this evening after the horses dried from the morning showers – but before another round of rain came through. Solace is tucked into a stall. He didn’t seem to feel well today and wanted to stay in. So, he’s next door to Bronson tonight. Bronson is tucked in next to Betsy Rose.

CJ is still looking for a home where he can be a pasture pal to one or two horses. He has a bum left front knee. Here, when other horses get to running, CJ wants to run too which isn’t good for him. He needs a much quieter home situation.


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