BH January 7th – 10th Update

Betsy Rose got "the works" on Tuesday from Dr. Julia Simonson. Betsy Rose is always the perfect patient. Below is a video of part of her treatment – just watch those needles move! Her back right hip area was pretty stiff. I’ll be so glad when the cold is gone – its really hard on the older horses.

Dr. Julia worked on Betsy Rose in the much warmer feed room.

Betsy Rose having a little discussion with Dr. Julia. Dr. Julia adores this little mare – we all do!

Gentleman also got a massage and an acupuncture treatment which he really needed and enjoyed.

This is little Lily greeting Katherine. Welcome back Katherine and thank you for your volunteer time!

Mollie and Victoria are good friends.

Magnum and Me!

Big horses Magic, Santana, and Magnum. Many of the mini’s. And Bronson too.

CJ HAS AN APPOINTMENT TO MEET A POTENTIAL ADOPTIVE HUMAN ON SATURDAY! I’m so excited! He would be a pasture pal to another horse and he would be loved and cared for!

Pistol waking up from his "procedure" today.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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  1. It is heart warming to see the care you give your animals. You are an awesome rescue!
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