BH January 22nd- 25th 2014 Update

January 22nd

I’m in a rush, as usual, but I wanted to say GOOD MORNING to everyone! I have many things to update and share but have to get the horses fed and some things done. You are ALL amazing – truly. It takes a village to make this rescue a success – we have the best village anyone could possibly hope for and we are very blessed!

Here’s momma Daisy with Blodwyn.

Betsy Rose got her treatment by Dr. Julia yesterday. She’s feeling better. She actually did a weak double barrel kick when one of the acupuncture needles went in! She always feels and moves better after the treatments.

We have a little pony that came in a couple of days ago. He had been on a waiting list for months. Dr. Julia also worked on him. He has issues in his backend. Possibly a fracture in the pelvic area. He used to be a pony that went in circles all day long at fairs.

This is Mary and Kamanchee. Mary has a potential adopter visiting this weekend. They are both very sweet.

January 23rd

Kathy Breakall is here for a few days. The horses will just get more pampering!

January 25th

A most beautiful day at the farm! We needed this nice weather really badly!

Jenny got to visit today. We sure miss her but I am glad she is able to come for a day or two every few weeks.

Santana is such a great horse. He makes friends so easily.

Matilda is such a love too.

Pistol has calmed down significantly since his castration. He is looking for a forever home.

Molly is also ready for a home. She is going to be stunning once she sheds out!

Had a great dinner date last night for our anniversary! Dinner, dancing, and pool! It’s rare that Bob and I get off the farm at the same time.

Magnum is doing very well. I started a little ground work last week. He’s a good boy. Here is a link to a very short video.

Thank you all so very much for your love and support – have a great week, everyone!



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