BH Sunday, January 26th Update

Dr. Julia Simonson stopped in yesterday to check on a few of the horses and to go over the protocol of supplements for Bella’s coughing. Bella is doing better now that she is at a foster home with Kim Furse. I’m sure that all the dust that blows around here contibuted greatly to Bella’s issues.

Wow – I just saw this photo for the first time! This is Deborah Hill taking some photos of the "kids."

The little ones are so much fun to watch! That’s CaryLou out in the lead!

Wally is quite a character – he pretends that he doesn’t like humans very much – but he really does.

Oh – and Indy! Here’s Indy soaking up some sun too!

Peggy Sue got a hooficure today – she has to be trimmed in the sling.

Roxy and Kathy Breakall on poop patrol yesterday. The golf cart that pulls the poop spreader was in the shop – we sure do miss it when it’s broken.

Pistol is a hoot! I would never be surprised to find him on the porch knocking on the door for some attention.

Katie playing with Pistol today – he’s calmed down a lot. That’s Barbara and Santana and Bronson in the background.

Santana and his little buddy, Bronson. Santana is looking for a forever home. He is pasture sound only – he does have navicular. He’s a happy horse – very sweet.

"Mommy Theresa I know you’re in there! Can we have some treats, please?" Little Bronson is growing up – he’s a sweetheart too. He’s also ready for a forever home.

I know I say this all the time, but Santana is just a sweet and magnificent horse! He’s so patient with the little ones. Lily walks under him to get to the other side sometimes. LOL

Mollie is an Arabian filly with a great mind. It’s hard to believe that two months ago, she was at death’s door.

She has a huge love for life. When she puts her mind to something, she will give it her all. And she’s honest.

She does have a bit of Brio in her but it’s beautiful and she will make someone a wonderful horse.

And last, but not least tonight, Betsy Rose taking in some sunshine.

Thank you all so very much for your love and support.



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