Jan 29th, 2014 – Two More

I just got back to the rescue with 2 more – a yearling and a 4 yr old with explosive diarrhea and an eye injury. We believe we have places lined up for these 2 but will be getting their immediate vet needs addressed today and we’ll see whe…n the vet says they can travel. I’ll update on the others – the vet will be here any minute. The remaining ones are not as bad. The baby and the worst are now here and are getting necessary care. Thank you all for our support. I am sorry I have not responded to PM’s or emails but it’s been non-stop.

This is the yearling colt.

This 4 year old gelding has explosive diarrhea and an eye injury. He’s about a 2 on the Henneke scale.

Please pray for the gelding. He has explosive poops today and is showing signs of colic. Still waiting on the vet. It’s a busy time for colics. I’m sitting here with him just talking about how life is going to get better.



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