BH February 4 -6, 2014 Update

February 4th

Oscar’s first night here last night was a calm one, thankfully. He’s too weak to do much. He can graze for short periods of time but is still too weak to get up on his own if he goes down.

Oscar learned through the night that he could sleep in the sling and lay his head on his pillow.

After taking him out of the sling this am he grazed a bit and then took a good long nap but when he woke up he could not get up on his own so we put him back into the sling – he just has no muscle, no fat. Dr. Madera will be back out later today.

To the left of the photo is Dr. Madera. To the right is Dr. Bess Darrow (her assistant is in the middle). How great it this? Two awesome vets here at the same time! We are very blessed to have such a great care team! We reviewed Oscar’s meds, diet, etc. We should have blood work results back this evening.

We opted to run more fluids this afternoon – Oscar’s poop was too dry and we didn’t want to take any chances of an impaction or dehydration. He loves his Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage and now and then he will munch on a little orchard grass. No grain for the little guy. He does everything in slow motion – he doesn’t have much energy to burn. He also gets supplements to help his tummy, prevent dehydration, and improve his immune system. We monitor everything – both Dr. Darrow and Dr. Monroe said we are doing a great job! Dr. Bess even suggested we write a book on our refeeding practices and rehab experiences – that was quite the compliment!

"Pistol! Kamanchee is my best friend and you can’t have him!" Mary is a sweet 27 year young Arabian mare that is looking for a forever home. What would be perfect is to find a home for her and Kamanchee together!

Wally is hilarious! He tried to get in Dr. Bess’ trailer before the ramp was even all the way down!

Dr. Bess trying to leave amidst an obstacle challenge of mini’s. Check out Pistol "talking" with Matilda. That’s Lucy to the right of the photo.

February 5th

Serenity has a long way to go. But we’ve got all the time in the world to get there. The temps were near 80 today and the water heater decided it would work so she got a tea tree treatment for the rainrot. The hot water tank works sporadically but thanks to a very caring person a new replacement tank is being shipped to us!

Serenity thanks you all for caring!

This is LouAnn taking him for a walk today. The photo isn’t great – I took it while I was standing under the sling.

We are supposed to be getting some rains the next couple of days so this evening we fixed up a nice stall with straw bedding for Oscar. He still can’t get up on his own – he just has no muscle. But the muscle will come over time with proper diet and exercise and rest.

Oscar’s blood work results came back – values are all over the place indicating lack of nutrition. But his organs, according to the blood work, are ok. We do need to re-run some blood tests in a few days. We will be adding Wel-Gel to his forage. Please pray for this little guy.

February 6th

Good morning everyone! It’s going to be a beautiful day! We do have overcast skies and it may rain and the temps are lower than I’d like. But my day has already been blessed – I woke up this morning and I BELIEVE! Dr. Julia Simonson is coming to work on Oscar with acupuncture and electrical stimulation (like a TENS unit) which will stimulate his muscles – we need to get the nerve pathways back on track! I invite all of you to share in my day of positivity and believing – together we can move mountains!

“Good morning everyone! SMILE! It can be contagious!!”

Oscar was a good boy for Dr. Julia. Hopefully he won’t have to stay in the sling much longer. He just can’t get up on his own after he goes down.

Solace isn’t feeling well and his temperature is up. He was just examined on Tuesday and everything was ok. I’m really worried about him. Please include him in your prayers too.



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