BH January 30th – 31st, 2014 Update

Somehow I managed to not send this out – I’m sorry for the delay!

Thursday, January 30th

Trying to get Serenity’s temp up a bit. It’s down to 95.5. We just put a therapeutic mesh sheet under her blanket which has been proven to increase circulation. She’s also under heat lamps.

The good news is that Serenity’s temp is up to 98.6. The bad news is that the hot water heater at the barn is broke. The company that made it is no more. It’s an instant heat model which I would never recommend.

Serenity seemed to totally enjoy the therapeutic mesh sheet. She got a hooficure which she really needed. So did Dodger, Pursuasion, and Bryce. Pursuasion is passing her oil as is Bryce. The dentist, Dr. Bess Darrow, will be coming to work on their teeth next week. They are all very sweet horses. Serenity wears a look of total love and appreciation…. I know they are thankful for everything done for them. And they love their hay.

The weather has been really dreary and cold but tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out so I’ll get some pictures. We will spend hours taking off, cleaning, and putting away blankets tomorrow. But I’m looking forward to it. I know the horses will be happy.

The medication dispenser in Morgans eye lavage system had to be replaced. It had somehow shifted and was causing irritation. She’s feeling better tonight.

Friday, January 31st

Good morning everyone! I’m behind schedule already this morning but I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a wonderful day. This is Marie Riordan standing with Serenity yesterday while she got a hooficure – she was a good girl. It was a quiet night here, which is good. I thought we were going to get some sun today but it looks like that’s not in the forecast.

Pistol has become a meeter and greater – he’s so cute! Here he is with Jessie, a visitor and friend, that spent the day helping out this week. Jessie and her husband, Ron, come down once a year to visit.

Please don’t forget that we have many horses looking for their forever home. Bronson, Mollie, Santana, Pistol, Morgan, Indy, Victoria, Matilda, Sisco, Gracie, and a few others. We need to find good homes in order to make space for others needing help. Our adoption requirements include no barb wire fencing, adopter’s must be within a reasonable distance from the rescue (some exceptions which are dictated by resources), etc.

For those that don’t know, our "Celebration of Life" is a special time we set aside to come together each year to remember and reflect upon the lives of horses with us, yet to be born, and those that have crossed Rainbow Bridge. It’s a time to meet our horses and volunteers – there will be tours, a silent auction, speakers, and more! We want to share what we do with the community – come and learn more about us and become part of our mission! Our 5th annual Celebration of Life is being held on April 26th! It is being held in conjunction with the ASPCA’s 2nd National Help a Horse Day which is a national effort on behalf of homeless horses and their caregivers! A flyer will be published but I wanted to get this out so those wishing to attend can mark their calendars!



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