BH Sunday, February 9, 2014 Update

The 3 Musketeers "helping" Barbara and Katherine today. They are a riot! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to clip them – they are fuzz balls.

Bronson got some extra attention today too. It was SO good to have sunny skies!

Serenity and Bryce are still having a tough time with their digestive system – they were just full of sand. We are slowing trying to kill off a heavy parasite load too. It’s just going to take some time.

Mahogany and Eliza were feeling a little bit better yesterday. Mahogany (mom) is a Mustang and Eliza (daughter) is a Mustang/QH cross. I think they were very appreciative of the warm blankets and a warm mash that they received. Both of these precious girls are a 2 on the Henneke scale. Their blood work values were all over the place. But their rehab has begun and I thank God for the opportunity. They both need sponsors – would anyone like to sign up to be a monthly sponsor for either of these girls? A sponsorship in any amount would be so greatly appreciated as would a onetime donation.

Eliza is a bit better.

Oscar is still unable to get up on his own and he wasn’t as active yesterday. His temperature was a bit low but he’s got his heat lamps and blanket and we have eyes on him 24/7 with our cameras – and we check on him throughout the night.

Oscar actually moved his back legs a wee bit last night in a weak attempt to get up – that’s progress! When he is down in his stall, we are using a simple hand cranked come along and a sheet to get him up. This is Barbara with him when we got him up this morning.

Solace isn’t feeling well today. Only ate 1/3rd of his breakfast. This is heartbreaking. Please keep him in your prayers.

Katie came home this weekend – I enjoyed watching her ride Indy. Hopped up myself for just a short time. Katie loves to ride which I can totally understand. LOL

Our little Indy is growing up.

"Hay – what’s in that room? I wanna come in!"

Sisco enjoyed some extra attention today. He’s still looking for a forever home!

Santana is stunning and very, very sweet. He is also looking for a home. He does have navicular and is a pasture pal only.

Valentine’s Day is coming! Betsy Rose wears hearts so beautifully! I think she’s stolen most of ours.



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