Betsy Rose’s Valentine Surprise!

Betsy Rose had a pretty big package delivered and it’s almost as big as she is!

”Betsy Rose come and look at a package that came for you!"

"Wait – Mommy Theresa, look! It says there’s an air hole – does that mean there’s something alive in there?? Hurry – let’s open it up!"

"Hello – is there anyone in there? No worries – Mommy Theresa is going to get you out of there, ok?"

"Look – it’s a fuzzy something with ears!"

"HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY BETSY ROSE! I’m your very own "Vermont Teddy Bear" and I’ve come to live with you! Uncle Greg sent me to you as a present! I’m so glad to get out of that box and to be able to stretch! Can you take me for a ride – I’ve always wanted to ride a pony!"

"Mommy Theresa – can he stay? Please? Freckles and the gang are going to love him!"
So Vermont Teddy Bear has joined our family – thank you Uncle Greg (our Webmaster)!

"Dr. Julia – look at my new friend! He wants to go for a ride – can you please help him up?"

"Oh whoopeee! This is kind of fun Betsy Rose! Now let’s goooo!"
"Ok but have you ever been on a horse before?"
"No, but it seems easy enough – let’s goooo!"

"OOOHHHHH NOOOO! I’m so glad you bounce Vermont Teddy Bear! Are you ok? I guess it’s not as easy as it seems. Maybe you should hold on tight to my mane until you get used to keeping your balance."

"Ok, this time I know what to expect. I’ll do better – I promise! No worries – let’s goooo!"

"Here we go – one little step at a time. How you doing up there? You’re pretty light. Someone said that I was too old for anything and needed to be put down before I came to Beauty’s Haven. My needs were neglected and I got to be so weak, I couldn’t get up anymore. I prayed someone would help me and I never gave up. Then, I came here and everyone helped me get better – there were humans that believed in me! That’s one thing we do here, Vermont Teddy Bear – we BELIEVE!"

"Ok Betsy Rose – I BELIEVE I can do this – let’s goooo!"

And off into the sunset they went. A happy little pony and her new friend. But then, well, Betsy Rose remembered something.

"Wait – we can’t leave Oscar! He’s very weak and can’t get up on his own just like I couldn’t for the first few weeks I was here. Only, I couldn’t even stand on my own. I had to live in a sling for many weeks. Oscar lived in the sling for a few days when he first got here but now he can walk on his own – he just can’t get up yet if he’s laying down. I had Freckles to keep me company – she’s in our room in the barn napping now. We have to be careful with her because the dogs like to carry her away. But now, I like to keep Oscar company. I don’t want to leave him for long. Maybe you could be his friend too and sit with him for a bit? I’ll give you another ride tomorrow. Ok?"

Betsy Rose is such a loving and kind soul. It made her day to see Oscar and Vermont Teddy Bear together. Oscar just loves him – he makes a soft pillow. And after a good nap, Oscar did get up with us helping him in his back end only. He managed to use his legs to get his front end up. Slowly, he is getting stronger. His heart rate is still up but that’s expected. His body is so weak – his little heart is working harder. Just like Betsy Rose’s did for quite awhile. All of the many days/nights of helping Betsy Rose around the clock – all those sleepless nights – it all paid off! We’ve given Betsy Rose a new chapter in her life. And she’s given us much more than I can put into words. Thank you all for believing along with us….

We all want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! We have been very blessed in many ways and are thankful for all of you and your support. And thank you Greg – I heard Betsy Rose say, "He’s a keeper!" so I think she really loves her Vermont Teddy Bear!



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  1. As an active horse person I have seen over the years from time to time a horse in the kind of condition that you guys routinely handle. I am awed and impressed by the scientific knowledge you have in bringing back these fragile horses, the practical knowledge — the sling — oh how I wish we had had that a time or two, I’m just so impressed by what you do. And I’m not impressed easily. Hats off to you. I keep sharing your information to try and tap some funds for those with more discretionary income than I (2 horses, 3 dogs). I am a proud subscriber to your emails and blogs.

    Maryna Ozuna 520.266.3124 Founder, Kinaesthetics

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