BH February 17, 2014 Update

Romeo had a fairly good day today, although this morning, he had a little trouble getting up once. His body is depleted of everything – his liver and kidneys are struggling. But this is not unusual in cases such as this. Our rehab program moves slowly but steady. One of the most important first steps in recovery, IMO, is knowing and feeling in the heart that you’re loved – the worried and far off look in Romeo’s face is already softening. Dr. Bess Darrow (Tune Ups Veterinary Equine Dentistry and Services) will be here tomorrow – I’m not sure how much she’ll be able to do with him. He isn’t well enough for sedation. Romeo is such a love – please keep him in your prayers.

This is a little of Romeo’s poop in a glove. We do this (twice) to see how much sand settles – it’s an indicator of how much is in the GI tract. We did this on the day he arrived. There’s always going to be some sand found – horses pick it up here (FL) when they graze or even eat hay off the ground (hay racks are a good investment). But this is way too much. Sand can cause havoc on the GI system. Giving psyllium for one week each month will help sand to pass through and out the gut. Poor Romeo.

Oscar wasn’t as active today as he has been. We think he has an abscess in his front right.

Bronson still loves to take long naps. Actually, I would have loved to have taken a nap with him.

Serenity, Eliza, and Mahogany eating breakfast. Bryce was behind me. They are slowly improving.

Matilda loves it when we have visitors! And everyone LOVES Matilda! Matilda needs sponsors! Her rehab is complete – she’s gained 200+ lbs and is doing great. She’s a big girl looking for a forever home but until that home comes along she would appreciate support in her routine expenses. If anyone would like to help donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small!

This is Mary on the right of the photo getting a hooficure today. Her BFF, Kamanchee, is on the left.

Oscar and Betsy Rose

Another beautiful Arabian mare looking for a forever home – Victoria! She got a much needed bath today!

Mary was on the list for a bath today but there wasn’t enough time. I crawled up on her yesterday to see if she’d mind – she hasn’t been ridden in many, many years. She did great – she got a little excited being away from her best friend, Kamanchee. But we headed that way and she was fine. She still needs a bath. Mary is a 27 year young Arabian mare that is looking for a home. Kamanchee is also looking for a home – he is a little paint pony. It would be really awesome if they found a forever home together.

Lucy was a good girl today – she got clipped and is ready for the warmer weather.

Magnum started our day out with an upset stomach but was feeling better after spending a little while at the barn.

Betsy Rose was one of many that got a hooficure today. Her strength and balance are so much better – we are SO proud of this little miracle girl!

Jenny came up this weekend and visited with Penny and Penelope – they are doing great!

IT’S COMING!!!! Don’t miss it!

Calling it a day very soon – still need to get Oscar up once more and planning another big day tomorrow. Dr. Bess will be here and so will Dr. Julia. We have a great care team! I know I owe responses to PM’s and emails – I have not had time in the office. Hopefully, Wednesday if not tomorrow evening, I will get to them. I’m sorry – just spread thin. Hopefully Romeo will be feeling better tomorrow – Oscar too.



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