BH February 23 – 25, 2014 Update

February 23rd

I’m about to go read comments about Solace – I’ve been putting it off. My heart is still very heavy from losing him – it just isn’t the same. I find myself still looking out into the paddock to see how he’s feeling – but he’s not there.

I hoped to somewhat regroup yesterday but then a call came in – a mare had been down for 3 days – can we help? Of course, I couldn’t say no. I’m not going to get into details but we were, sadly, called too late to try to help this mare. When we got there, I took her vitals and they were not good. Her gum color was not good. She’d dug a 10" ditch with her front legs. She didn’t respond to any sensation in her back end.

It took awhile to find a vet to respond but he determined that the mare had gone toxic and advised that the most humane thing to do was to help the mare cross. Losing Solace on Friday was still very fresh in my mind and in my heart, and, while I only knew this mare for a couple of hours yesterday, it didn’t matter – I loved her just the same and letting her go was hard. Losing any hurts – it NEVER gets easier. But, as with Solace, there is comfort in knowing that she runs with the Heavenly herd now – she knows no more pain.

Oscar no longer needs assistance to get up! He’s mobile and doing well.

Romeo is doing well also. He’s far from out of the woods but we’re staying positive and he’s brighter each day. He loves to talk!

Wanda and her son, Caleb, did a GREAT job clipping little Harvey today! Thank you both – very much!!!

Harvey looked like a little lamb! He’s going to feel much better!

Last photo for today to end my posts on a good note – Serenity is feeling better. It’s been tough getting through the sand and parasite issues but we’re working on it. She’s a sweet girl.

Februay 24th

Betsy Rose’s court case is over – the previous owner got probation, has to pay fees/fines, and can’t own large animals for a year. I wish I could change what happened to Betsy Rose before she found her way here, but I can’t. She’s a determined little mare with a huge love for life that has touched the hearts of many – it’s truly a blessing to be part of her life. There are many things Betsy Rose wants to help us with like raising awareness of what to do if you see or suspect abuse/neglect, where to reach out for help, and so much more. She wants to help educate humans about the responsibilities of owning and caring for a horse – it’s not inexpensive and proper care does take time.

February 25th

Lindsey and Ginny gave Bryce a good bath today – the weather was just beautiful! He’s putting on weight nicely, finally. Ginny’s husband, Mark, fixed fences. Bob made 2 trips to get hay and will make another trip tomorrow! Marie took some office work home with her to accomplish. I thank God for our volunteers and supporters daily – sometimes many times!

Bryce is doing better. He had a huge amount of sand in his gut. He had a high parasite load too.

I wish the weather was like this all year round. It was perfect today.

Look how great Harvey looks! I kept telling people he wasn’t fat – he was just fluffy! LOL

Oscar and Vermont Teddy Bear