BH February 27, 2014 Update

This is what is called a "1/2 pasture bale" of hay. We’ve bought many and they have ranged from about 592 lbs up to 915 lbs. They are great – the horses can’t pig out on them. We do have to check for metal rings that hold them together a couple of times a day.

It’s amazing how they share their feed. No arguing at all. They finish one tub then go to the next. This is Serenity, Bryce, and Eliza.

Most people know about Aaleyah Belle and her tongue. She’s loved very much but she’s still a brat! She was born with a wry nose.

Cookie needs prayers. I knew the area would look worse for a bit after the treatment. I just worry.

Princess is looking much better. She does have something potentially going on in her left eye (it was injured a few years ago) and Dr. Ryan will be out tomorrow to check her out. This is Princess following Roxy for lunch.

Oscar was trying to help Paul fill out a form. LOL Oscar has had a growth spurt! I watched him RUN today. It was awesome.

No words needed…

I miss you Solace.