BH March 4-5, 2014 Update

Here’s an adoptee from BH, Nash. Ex-racer, grandsire is Dash for Cash. His new toy, a horse "kong."

We’ve been very busy here and one of the things we’ve been working on is our FB presence. We will, over the next few days, convert daily ops over to the Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue business page. Until the conversion is complete I’ll try to post updates on both pages. Feel free, at any time, to visit our business page and "Like" it!

Here’s Gentleman getting a treatment from Dr. Julia Simonson yesterday. He’s doing very well and looks forward to his monthly treatments – many thanks to his anonymous sponsor for making these treatments possible!

"But Mommy Theresa – I’ve conquered going up the stairs of the front porch and it’s gotten boring! Why can’t I give this a try?"

Cookie got a hooficure yesterday – so did Santana, Princess, and Oscar.

Oscar was steady enough to get his hooficure done without having to go in the sling yesterday! He’s had a growth spurt!

Romeo is doing well. He’s getting stronger by the day!

Here was Ruby soaking up attention from Katherine and DJ (new volunteer). DJ and her husband, Larry, will be coming once a week!

Magic – he’s still as handsome, sweet, and happy as ever!

Remember Rayo? He’s doing awesome! It really is a good feeling to see our horses make others happy! So proud of all of them!

Betsy Rose and the gang wish everyone a good night!