Saturday pm March 8, 2014 Update

I’ve have lots to update and photos from today, but I just came into the house to grab a bowl of cereal. I’ll post more later but it was a GREAT day! The day started out with a call about Ladybug. She lives just down the road, so I went right over. All of her vital signs and her temperature were normal. She just wasn’t interested in finishing her breakfast which is very unlike Ladybug. Ladybug is a mare that was the victim of a violent attack by another animal in 2010. The attack happened several days before we were able to get her here, and by then, it was too late to save her ear. The dentist will be out to check her mouth this coming week.

The Sun Country Trail Blazers Poker Benefit Ride to benefit the rescue was held today and it was a HUGE success! Many thanks to everyone!

Magic at sunset – beautiful!

Little Cloud Dancer was born here at the rescue in April 2011. His mom (Glory) and dad (Nickers) were part of a herd of horses that we rescued from living in a junkyard in February 2011. Their water source was a man made hole that collected rain water along with anything else that fell to the ground and there was a lot of debris – barb wire, scrap parts, junk cars, etc. Poor Glory was full of lice and had terrible explosive diarrhea. She had two other little ones, Red and Tucker, that also arrived with tummy issues. Fortunately, they all made it and they grew healthy – all the boys were gelded. Red and Tucker were adopted out together. Glory was adopted out with another mini, Shadow, that was one of 14 mini’s we rescued that same year.

This is Cloud Dancer with his mom, Glory, on the day he was born here in April 2011 at the rescue.

This was taken today, 03/08/14, when I visited with Cloud Dancer and his daddy – they look so much alike!

This is Glory and Faith back in February 2011. Both came from the junkyard. Both were very pregnant.

This was Glory the day before we picked them up from the junkyard. All of them had quite a bit of sand in their gut and most had explosive diarrhea.

This is Red and Tucker at their adoptive home.

This is Cloud’s daddy, Nickers, back in February 2011 at the junkyard.

When we count our blessings we count Betsy Rose twice! She’s just the sweetest little mare you could imagine!



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