BH March 9, 2014 (Saturday) Update

Lots got done this weekend and the weather was perfect. Julie, Roxy and Paul helped out yesterday at the farm while the very successful Sun Country Trail Blazers Poker Ride took place. I still have more photos to share but I’ll have to do it tomorrow after I get back from appointments in Gainesville in the am.

Lots of horses got groomed today thanks to Melissa and Annemarie!

"Little" Indy and Donovan playing – yes, the earth does shake!

This is a kind and lovable powerhouse named Donovan.

Bronson saying "I’m da baby!"

Bryce and Serenity – each day they grow stronger. Their personalities are really starting to show!

Serenity is never far from Bryce. She’s 19 and a very sweet mare. I’m sure she could tell us some stories of her life experiences. I was told by her previous owner there were many "ups and downs". We’re going to make sure they’re all "ups" for the rest of her life. She’ll never go hungry again.

Bryce is the most outgoing and I think we have worked through his GI and parasite issues. He’s putting on weight nicely.

And here’s our famous Aaleyah Belle. People come from other states just to experience getting "slimed" by her!

Oscar and Pistol ran and played along the fence today – looking forward to the day they can play together!

Have a good night, everyone!



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