BH May 8th ~ May 10th Update

I apologize – I thought this went out days ago but it was still in my “Draft” folder!

May 8th

Cookie had a follow-up visit at UF today. Her surgical area is healing nicely and the rest of the stitches have been removed. She does have an ulcer in the left eye that was caused by one of the sutures but it’s healing too. Because so much of the lower eyelid had to be removed Cooke is not able to completely cover her cornea when blinking. However, they said Cookie is retracting her globe sufficiently when she blinks in order to compensate for eyelid coverage.

Poor little Oscar’s foot has a long way to go. He blew out another abscess this week. The little guy really has no clue how bad his foot is.

May 9th

Our daughter, Katie, came home today to clip a couple of horses including Little E. Thanks Katie! The donks and Little E feel much better!

Some of the herd grazing as I headed out this evening to clean big metal waterers.

Ruby gets to go out after the sun goes down each evening. She’s another one that has a pink face.

"Mommy Theresa how do I look? I feel so much better without that thick coat! I saw Pistol dancing around when he was getting clipped today. I tried to tell him to behave but you know he can be a bit stubborn. He said he liked dancing with Katie! I’m not sure Katie liked it though. The sun is almost gone and the dark is coming – I don’t think you’re going to have time to finish all the big waterers. I’m going to go talk to Cookie for a bit – see ya!"

May 10th

Serenity and Bryce are so very sweet.

Classy today. Classy has a permanent tracheotomy like Lucy’s. She had a condition called "roaring" (aka laryngeal hemiplegia) which means the nerve controlling the opening of the horse’s arytenoid cartilage is damaged – it creates an upper airway obstruction. In most cases it is just one side but in her case both flaps quit working. The flaps control the amount of air that enters the lungs. During her surgery they tied back both flaps. Her trach gets cleaned each day. She can’t whinny but she’s a happy little mare.

Romeo – is that a tummy you have on you? LOL! Romeo is looking for a forever home. Some of our adoption criteria can be found pinned at the top of our Beauty’s Haven Adoption page.

Mahogany is simply stunning. She’s doing really well – I adore this mare! Her daughter, Eliza, is also doing well.

This is the little gelding that came back last night! Some of you may remember a beautiful and wise elderly paint gelding named Captain that we rescued back in early 2009. He arrived skin on bones and was crippled – in his early years he won $739 during his racing career. His registered name was "Smokeng Joe" and he was born in 1979. We were able to keep Captain comfortable for many months. During that time he was doted on and he knew he was loved. Sadly, by July 2010 he was barely able to get up on his own – he let us know he was tired. His quality of life was not going to get better – we lovingly helped him cross Rainbow Bridge. We all took his loss quite hard.

In March 2011, I received a call from the ACO in another county about a little paint stud that needed help. The moment I saw him I thought about our dear Captain. I named the little stud Captain’s Skywalker (aka Sky) IMO Captain. We rehabbed Sky and got him gelded and after a few months he was adopted. His adoptive family recently suffered a tragic loss and were not able to continue to be able to provide for Sky.

Sky settled in nicely. He appears to have an issue in his left eye which may be SCC. He’ll be examined by Dr. Julia on Monday and we’ll go from there. In the mean time, Sky would really appreciate some help. Would anyone like to help sponsor him with a one time or recurring monthly donation of any amount? He needs his initial vetting and he is due to have his teeth done. If anyone would like to help we would appreciate it. Various ways to make donations can be found on our "Donate" page of our website at Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Thank you.

The first two photos are Sky – the first taken back in March 2011. The 2nd one was taken today. The 3rd photo was taken in 2009 – the day after we took in our dear old Captain. The 4th photo is of Captain that was taken after a few months of rehab. We will never forget our dear Captain.

Happy Mother’s Day, Everyone!



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