BH May 15th Update

Magic is doing much better after his bout of colic – thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers! I do believe in the power of prayer!

Matilda enjoying the cool breeze of the aisleway.

Cookie is doing really well. She was supposed to go back to UF today for a follow-up but we had to reschedule due to the horrible rains today. She will be going back next Tuesday.

Sisco’s eye was doing better but then it started to swell over the weekend. On Monday, Sisco was seen by Dr. Ryan Meeks and he found the subpalpebral lavage footplate had managed to move which caused a new ulcer. This doesn’t happen often with SPL’s, but it happens and, with our luck lately, I guess I wasn’t surprised. Dr. Ryan put it back where it belonged and put a couple of extra stitches in the tubing above the eye and used a little Superglue to better keep it in place. Yesterday the eye seemed a bit more angry, so the lavage was removed from the upper lid and put into the lower lid. Sisco feels better today. Hopefully, this will all be history in a couple of weeks. He does wear a mask with a protective hard eye cup on it 24/7.

Dr. Julia assessed Peaches this week. Peaches has had some soreness in her shoulders/neck and left hip. Dr. Julia will be back next week to do some Craniosacral Therapy and acupuncture on Peaches.

Peaches and Santana. The horses are filthy from rolling after the rains.

Oscar and Betsy are glad to be out. Hopefully the rains are over.

Kamachee seems to have claimed the minis ball. LOL

Bouie playing in the sprinkler like Wally used to do. Just about all of the mini’s like to do it. Bouie one of the ones on Wanda Sue Malphurs list to get body clipped next Saturday!

Dr. Bess Darrow will be here tomorrow to do teeth! Would anyone like to donate to help cover this expense? Sky doesn’t have any sponsors and needs his teeth done and there are a few others that are due. Betsy Rose and Gentleman will be getting checked – Betsy Rose has started to quid. Gentleman has just recently dropped some in weight – we’ll be having some blood work done on him tomorrow too. If anyone would like to help with any of this no amount would be too small – every donation adds up! Donations are tax deductible and can be made via our "Donate" page of our website at Also, we will be starting a new fundraiser in the next couple of days.

This is Captain’s Skywalker.

"Hay everyone! How do you like my body clipping? Did you know that I’ve got a cross on my back? Oops – I hear Oscar calling – gotta go! He can be a little demanding and he throws temper tantrums sometimes – he’s like a little tornado pulling everything out of the golf cart, off the stall doors, turning off rocker switches, and oh gosh, I could go on and on! Mommy Theresa took this photo of me last week after Katie shaved me! I feel SOOO much better!"

Pistol is a character – like Oscar, he loves attention. He pulls everything out of the golf cart and will even try to get IN to the golf cart with you!

Oscar gets very bored. He just goes through the center aisle of the barn and pulls everything off the stall fronts. I mean, he gets into everything!

Betsy Rose is featured in Trail Blazer Magazine this month! Check it out at Thank you Bobbie Jo Lieberman and Trail Blazer Magazine! We’re so proud of this little mare that never stopped believing!

It’s been a long day here and we’re about to go lights out. Sweet dreams everyone!



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