BH May 21, 2014 Update

Cookie’s follow-up at UF went well yesterday. They have ordered some chemo creme for her eye just in case there were any bandit cells left behind. Cookie is just amazing – she just stands for her face/eyes to be treated. We’re very thankful for everyone’s help and support in saving Cookie’s eye.

Cookie being seen at UF yesterday. Everyone adores her!

Trying to unload Cookie yesterday after she returned from UF. She had quite the welcome committee!

Oscar is doing much better!

Oscar got a hooficure today and was so good about it! He feels better which, of course, make me feel better! He’s really glad to be out with the boys.

Two of our "oldies but goodies" – Gentleman and Little E. Both are 30+ years young. They are loved, very much. This is their home – always.

This is Karol Cline holding Serenity for her hooficure a couple of days ago. Serenity and Bryce are really, really nice horses. They are ready for a forever home – hopefully, together.

Pistol loves to throw himself into the sand pile to play – he’s hilarious! He will be leaving for his new home in a couple of weeks.

Washing feed tubs takes awhile each day – Judy takes care of it 3 times a week. Without our wonderful volunteers, we’d be in a heap of trouble! We truly do appreciate them from both near and far – thank you all!

The little orphan filly had a good night. She came from a very bad situation. Her momma gave the filly her all – until she had no more to give – and then she died. It’s very sad. But this little girl is going to make it – she will. Dr. Julia should be here soon so I’m headed back out. Just wanted to let everyone know how she is doing. She still needs sponsors and prayers.

Her name is Kiana – she is divine.

Dr. Julia Simonson examined Kiana today and did blood work. We’re still waiting for the results. Her heart, lungs, and tummy all sound good. Temperature has remained normal. Kiana does have a hernia but we’ll give her some time to grow and see if it resolves. She’s been through a lot in the last couple of days so it is expected that she may be feeling a bit down and confused. She’s just a baby that’s had a rough start in life.

Kiana didn’t care for the shavings in her stall so we stripped and cleaned it and it morphed into a new suite bedded with straw complete with a milk bar, one of Betsy Rose’s friends, some forage, and a bale of straw in a corner for visitors to sit on. She nibbles on milk pellets some, drinks a little milk at times, loves the grass, and she nibbles on forage. I hope that she will start to relax more – she didn’t sleep much today. But all of this is new to her. She did manage to make friends with Betsy Rose today – she’s in the stall next to her. Thank you all for caring – we appreciate your support very much. Please keep Kiana in your prayers.

Kiana napping earlier today. Of all places to lay, she chose the concrete – likely because it was cool. But she really needed this nap.

Kiana and the others are tucked in. We are calling it a day. Good night everyone! And now we pray for a calm night.

Sunset at her adoptive home in Colorado. She is one happy, funny, amazing, beautiful girl.

Thank you all for your continued love and support!



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