BH Kiana Update, May 26th- 29th, 2014

May 26th

Kiana is feeling better despite some side effects of her meds which are not unusual.

"Oh my gosh this little filly is starting to move around more! It won’t be long before she’s running circles around me and the barn! It’s about time for lights out at the barn – I think Freckles is about to tell Kiana another bedtime story. Y’all have a good night – sweet dreams! "

May 27th

Kiana’s day was not a very good one. Her temp is up a bit, her diarrhea got better but now it’s worse again, and she’s just tired. The heat has been miserable but this evening when it cooled, and she normally gets a bit more active, she …just wanted to sleep. I’m waiting for the vet to call to review her blood work from today. Elizabeth Fried and Bri came out to watch her so I could grab a bite to eat and take a quick shower. I totally stripped and sanitized her stall today. Please keep her in your prayers.

It was quite the task but I stripped and sanitized Kiana’s stall today – there was just no way I can stay in there with her while there is hay/straw everywhere. I have respiratory issues and I can’t afford to get sick (which is where I was heading).

But – look at the finished product! I think Kiana really likes it! She went in and laid down and took a short nap. Then she got up and drank a good amount of water, walked around the stall, ate some milk pellets, and then went poop. And it was almost normal (makes it much easier to clean up!)!

Just before I headed up to the office she laid down and seems very cozy. She’s got Freckles and another one of Betsy Rose’s friends to keep her company. We will be reviewing her blood work with the vet in the morning. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you!

May 28th

Good morning. Kiana and I are about to take a short nap. Naps are good.

Good appetite after a good nap.

"Mommy Theresa can I tell you something? Shhhh – I don’t want Betsy Rose to hear this. When I woke up this morning with my new colorful and clean floor and you right here it made me feel really good – I know you have breathing problems an…d the straw wasn’t good for you. Can Betsy Rose have a floor like mine? It’s soft and she would probably really like it! She said you brought her to the farm on June 14th – almost a year ago. Maybe it could be a surprise anniversary gift?"

Kiana tried to help me update her care chart today. I actually got a 20 minute nap in the house thanks to Bonnie! And guess what???? Katherine volunteered to do nighttime duty tonight! Bob and I both get to SLEEP all night!

Kiana is a bit more animated this evening and her appetite is great! She still has diarrhea but she is drinking plenty of water – I haven’t had to run her fluids all day. It’s so wonderful to have help this evening! Kylie Chapman is taking care of most of the evening chores. Bonnie and Katherine are getting Kiana ready to be tucked in. Katherine is going to be staying with Kiana through the 3 am shift. Bob and I will be calling it a day really SOON! Keep the prayers and good thoughts up for Kiana – they are working! We all agree these mats are great! BUT we need to see how they stand up to wear and tear. I’m sure they would not hold up for a full size horse. Someone surely makes heavy duty interlocking stall mats but I’d have to research it. I really like these because they are lightweight – but again, I don’t know how long they will hold up. I do know that I’m very happy that Kiana is not having to breath dust (or me).

Betsy Rose is never far away.

Bonnie and Katherine are folding towels and chit chatting in Kiana’s stall. Kiana is still eating. She’s not going to be spoiled at all. Nope. LOL

Yesterday when I was stripping Kiana’s stall I left the gate open for just a second and guess who RAN out? Yes, that is Betsy Rose’s butt. She didn’t stay gone long but it was a first.

DJ holding Kiana yesterday so I could clean up her bite mark. It’s getting much better. Someday soon we won’t see the skin on bones. Kiana is going to fill out and be beautiful!

There’s nothing better than baby kisses as her nose tickles my cheek!

May 29th

We have poop vs soup! Go Kiana! I think we’re over the hump.

Kiana, a month old orphan filly, had a tough start in life but she’s slowly coming around. Her name came to me one night while I was sitting with her, promising her that her life would only get better. I apologized for how humans had failed her mom, and her. She was a confused little girl and you could clearly see that in her eyes. Kiana’s mom had given Kiana everything she had until she succumbed to starvation. Then Kiana tried to survive by nursing off another mare. But that mare rejected her – we are still treating Kiana’s open sores from bite marks. Her immune system was very weak when she came to us and her heart was broken. I saw this baby as a divine little lost angel that I vowed to help. "Kiana" means divine or heavenly in Hawaiian. It fits her perfectly. Kiana received plasma and has slowly improved. Her care has been constant. I didn’t know how much time we would have with her, but we are determined to do all we can to give Kiana the future that she deserves. She’s still a critical care case and requires around the clock care.

Kiana is one of many here that need sponsors – it takes a Village to help these horses. If anyone would like to help with her, or the vet bills of others here, donations can be made via our website at theresa. Donations can also be called into the vets office (Peterson & Smith) at 352-237-6151. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Thank you!



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