BH June 8th – 9th Update

Sue Sefscik visiting with Kiana and Betsy Rose. She can tell you – the girls are not spoiled at all. Nope.

Sisco is a giraffe when he wants to be!

Here he is in his mask – I like this kind – it lets air get to the eye.

I’m happy to report that Mollie is doing fantastic with her new family! We’ll let Joan Schaffer, her adoptive mom, keep us updated on her progress. Thank you Joan for giving Mollie a human family of her own! Mollie was almost at Rainbow Bridge when we picked her up last November. She’s an Arabian that has a heart of gold and is a determined little filly – she reminds me very much of Beauty, the namesake of Beauty’s Haven, when she came into my life at about the same age as Mollie.

And now a message from Betsy Rose:
“GUESS WHAT? Mommy Theresa says there is going to be a virtual birthday party on Facebook for me on Saturday! I came to Beauty’s Haven on June 14th last year in very poor health – a lot of people never thought I’d live to see my 24th birthday but I believed I could do it! The humans here supported me and helped me for many months before I could live on my own again but they did it because they loved me and they believed in me too!

Mommy Theresa said some of you have asked what I need or want for my birthday. Well, my wish list is short – if anyone wants to send me a present, please consider sending a card with a donation instead so that I can share with my horsey friends here. Some of my friends have no sponsors at all – they all deserve something and I want my day to be their day too! I’d LOVE to fill up my stall wall with cards! And Kiana – she doesn’t know what a birthday is – she’ll love it too! You know what the first thing is we all taught Kiana? TO BELIEVE! Not just in herself, and that she can overcome her obstacles, but to believe in others that love her too and that the Beauty’s Haven "Village" will never abandon her. Thank you all!

Oh – one more thing! I’m going to make a BIG announcement at my virtual birthday party on June 14th on Facebook so please make sure to participate, ok? I’ll give you a hint – carrots!"

~ Love, Betsy Rose

An Arabian at the end of a rainbow! How lovely!

Kiana was moving a little faster today. Slowly, but surely, she is improving!

Since we have had a number of medical emergencies within the past few months, we have started a new Youcaring fundraiser to assist with the veterinary bills.

Have a great night everyone – I’ve got physical therapy in the am so I’ll be offline for much of the day.



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