BH Update June 29- July 2, 2014

CJ and his BFF – thank you Elizabeth for giving him a forever home and lots of TLC!

Look how tall and strong Kiana is standing!

Some happy news – we have an adoption application for Oscar and Pistol TOGETHER and they would only be a mile from the farm. I’ve already done the site check and so far everything is awesome! These two are hilarious – we will for sure miss them and their antics. I’ll update once the application is processed! This is Kylie trying to get a sandbag back that they “borrowed”. These boys like to play drums on the empty poop buckets every morning around 2 am.

Auntie Barb had a blast with JoJo this weekend. The little guy wants someone to play with.

Bob brought JoJo up to the house to visit with me! He’s so stinking cute!

JoJo even sang to me while he was here!

Betsy Rose out for a walk.

JoJo is about the same size as Donovan’s head!

Another day coming to an end. Storms can’t decide to come or go.

Remember Silver Belle? Look how beautiful she is! She was one of the three babies that Momma Sue raised. When we picked Silver Belle up as an orphan baby in 2008 she had several big injuries – one in her chest, one on her side, and her left leg/knee. But look at her now!

We’ve had this fundraiser ongoing for awhile but one of the bills included in the total amount needed is due so I’m going to keep bumping this until we can raise at least $1700 to pay for Sisco’s eye injury bill. My stress meter is sky high to get this done. So, please share with family and friends. We need help. Donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Thank you.



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