BH August 4th – 5th 2014 Update

Monday, August 4th

JoJo is squeeky clean! There is never a dull day with JoJo around!We found a blue trail of goo at the gate to the barn this morning. We followed it and guess what it led us to?

"Mommy Theresa I was trying to clean up this place up before y’all got here this morning! I wanted to surprise you! Really! Check out my back legs – they turned from pink to blue!"

"JoJo we know you meant well but next time wait for some human help, ok? You could have slipped or something. How did you manage to get the Dawn soap all down your back legs and under your tummy?"

"I just wanted to help – I didn’t know I’d end up with sudsy bubbles all over the place! It’s kind of neat though! It’s all squeaky clean now – including me!"

I opted to douse him with Tea Tree since he was wet anyway to treat his rain rot which is much better. Karol Cline was here – she grabbed a bottle of milk to keep JoJo busy. It ended up being a spa day for him! He’s good for getting a bath, picking up his feet to be cleaned, and more – we try to desensitize them to everything. Sometimes, I think JoJo thinks he’s part human.

After getting rinsed off JoJo got towel dried. He’s not spoiled at all. Nope. Lord we love this little guy so much! There is never a dull day. He still needs a little buddy.

Dr. Julia worked on Betsy Rose today – she really needed it. Betsy Rose has been stiff and yesterday morning she had a boo boo on her hip like she had a tough time getting up. Hopefully, tomorrow she will feel better. This is Marie Riordan holding Betsy Rose while Dr. Julia puts acupuncture needles in her.

The cute doggie is Dr. Julia’s little girl.

Dr. Julia Simonson worked on Donovan today. He sweats now but it’s sporadic. His injury on his back foot is healing. He’s got some skin issues going on and I just felt like he needed a acupuncture treatment to help boost his immune system. He’s a gentle giant like Gentleman was – I miss him so much. I would have loved to have seen Donovan and GMan running the paddocks together.

Magic is magnificent!

Tuesday, August 5th

A very calm JoJo fit – he doesn’t like to wear his mask that protects his cute little pink nose! As usual, after his fit, he gets up and walks over and gives me that look like – "Well, are you going to take it off now?" Poor boy.

Bella is doing great on her journey to her new home! Pam took this picture this am before they hit the road again.



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