BHFER August 6th – 8th Update

August 6th

Very happy to report that Team Bella has reported in and it’s all good! Pamela Zarem of Double B Equine Transport, L.L.C. delivered Bella to her new home with Nonnie Aho tonight and Polly Knoll Niemi was there to greet them too! Nonnie said Bella settled right in! Look at what we did everyone – you all made this possible! I know it’s cold, like really cold, in WI but if it helps Bella’s respiratory issues, and she’s happy, prayers are answered. So far, no coughing!

August 7th

Dr. Bess Darrow working on Peggy Sue’s teeth this am.

Betsy Rose felt better the day after her treatment. Good enough to want to go out to graze around the house.

Matilda sharing her shade with CaryLou

August 8th

URGENT: We need to ask for help, again. We were approached about a situation yesterday – several horses that need help. Some are being picked up today by others and we have found a foster for one and we can bring one here. I’m very concerned about one in particular – two of her best friends are leaving today. She is in bad shape and I don’t want her left behind. To make this happen we need help – both horses are going to need initial vetting, farrier work, dental – and commitments for at least 6 months of care. Would anyone like to help us to help these horses? They are about an hour north of the rescue. We will continue to work on finding safe homes for the remaining ones which we hope to get more info on today.

The horses are loaded and on the way to the rescue. Many thanks to Steve and Karen Holgate for picking them up for us! We’ll update later today once they are settled in.

They are here. Sweet as can be. The older one is very thin and has issues in both eyes. A good size ulcer in one. The younger one is thin but carrying a low somewhat big belly – she will be palpated when the vet comes in the morning. Their feet haven’t been done in goodness knows how long.

Calling it a day soon. Busy morning ahead – vet and farrier will be here around 10 am. The girls have settled in nicely. The oldest is the thinnest. She’s got some serious eye issues going on. The youngest is also thin – you can put your finger between each rib but she carries a low heavy belly. The poor girl has been beat up pretty bad – bite marks all over her. Her beautiful face has terrible sunburn. Dr. Julia will palpate her tomorrow to see if she’s pregnant. Both will be getting hooficures. Thank you to everyone that helped get these girls. Oh – if anyone has any Cashel long nose flymasks (Arabian size) they don’t need the girls could use them.

And to end the day with a smile ~

JoJo’s always on the move. He’s like a little wind up toy – he never stops! Look at those little feet!


Betsy Rose – it just doesn’t get any cuter than this!



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