BH Weekend Update: August 15th – 17th 2014

Friday, August 15th

A new sign just for JoJo!!

"Come on CaryLou – mommy Theresa is working in the office. It’s just up the stairs and in that door right there. Let’s surprise her – she’s taken me to work in the office before. We can have a blast – come on!!!"

Donovan is a big teddy bear. It’s great to have Lisa back!

Big day tomorrow – Skye is leaving for his new home and Amber is going to a foster home where there is lots of shade. This place is just not a good place for a horse that sunburns as easy as she does. She’ll get some training too. I hope everyone has a great night – sweet dreams!

Saturday, August 16th

A new day begins. Have a great one everybody!

We need some prayers for Ginger. She is not feeling well. The vet is on the way.

Ginger is doing better this evening – she was pretty gassy and uncomfortable this morning. Kylie noticed that Ginger was down and looking distressed. She checked Ginger’s heart rate and gums – both were not good. Kylie alerted me and as soon as I got to the paddock Ginger had explosive diarrhea. Ginger is the oldest (17) of the two mares – Amber is 6. Dr. Julia examined and oiled both of them today and Ginger got fluids. Ginger’s intake tests upon arrival several days ago indicated anemia, stressed liver and kidneys, her body was breaking down it’s own muscle to live off of (it had already used up all of its fat). Ginger also had a corneal ulcer, heart murmur, rain rot, electrolyte imbalance, etc. Both mares also had quite a bit of sand in their gut and Ginger had a high parasite load. Ginger has a long road of rehab ahead of her but she’s got a great attitude and we have faith that she will pull through. She’s a very good patient.

Amber was supposed to go to a foster home today where there is a lot of shade which she desperately needs – we do not have an empty stall or much shade to offer her. But because Ginger was not feeling well, and they have been together since they got on the trailer last week to come here, we opted to postpone Amber’s departure in case there was something that could be spread (Dr. Julia does not think to be the case – Ginger is just in much worse condition then Amber and starvation has taken more of a toll on her). We’ll reschedule Amber’s departure once Ginger is feeling better and neither of them have signs of diarrhea. This is just a bump in the road and, in cases like Ginger’s, there may be many bumps. Please keep both of them in your prayers. Thank you.

Skye went home with Roxy and her dad today – Roxy is one happy young lady! And some added good news – Morgan went too to keep Sky company! It’s just a foster arrangement for now – we’ll see how it works out. I hate to cut the updates short tonight but I’m beat. Have a good night everyone.

Victoria suffered an indirect lightening strike a few weeks ago but is slowly recovering. She is a proud and beautiful Arabian mare that also believes….

Sunday, August 17th

It never stops – incoming thin pony mare – possibly pregnant and foundered. It’s possible her coffin bone may have rotated – it’s not sounding good. Someone that saw the mare suggested euthanization but the owners didn’t want to/would not do that. We offered to pay for a vet to go out to determine her condition and treat her one way or another – the thought of her having to trailer here or anywhere is upsetting to me but it’s better than her lingering where she is and suffering – but the owner’s want to rehome her. Looking for pledges at this point.

Update: We should never be too quick to judge – the mare was brought to us (in a deeply bedded trailer) by her owners which, I must say, seem to be very nice people that I do believe care about this mare. They recently took her out of a bad situation – it’s the previous owners that put her through auction and neglected her needs that are the ones that should be ashamed. Today, a bloody abscess popped when someone was checking out her feet and it was thought that her P3 had penetrated the sole. That’s when the search for a rescue to take the mare began – the owners didn’t have the resources needed for x-rays and long term rehab but felt she didn’t need to be put down. When I saw a photo of the mare this afternoon, my little voice said to give her a chance and I’m glad she’s here. She is underweight, she has a large sarcoid type lump in her ear, she’s somewhat lame, IDK if she’s pregnant – we’ll figure that out later. Tomorrow she will be vetted and x-rays need to be done. The family that surrendered her wants to come back and volunteer their time. If anyone would like to help this mare we would appreciate it – no amount is too small. We operate totally off of donations which are tax deductible. Thank you.

IDK why JoJo insists on sleeping on the black mats when he could be laying under the shade of the tree or in his stall of shavings. I guess he just wanted to keep Ms Judy company this morning while she cleaned the breakfast tubs.

Winding the day down here – everyone is tucked in. We’re exhausted – the heat and humidity takes a toll. Ginger is doing better today. The new mare is settled in and Dr.Julia will be here tomorrow. We’ll get x-rays done ASAP on the mare and go from there. We’re keeping the faith that she’ll be ok – she’s been through enough bad. She’s so sweet – I could almost bet you that she was once some little girls special pony with ribbons and bows in her mane and tail. It’s really sad that she ended up at auction and in a bad way. Have a good night everyone and please keep the horses in your prayers.



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