BH August 27th Update

Dr. Julia examined the Arabian mare, Athena, today. Athena was very good about everything. She was oiled to help move sand out of her gut. Her vitals were good. Blood work was done – we should those results back this evening. We are working on a potential home for her. Thank you to everyone that has helped us to help her!

Gentleman – the day before he left us for Rainbow Bridge.He’ll always be a hero in my book. I miss him so much.

I asked Cookie to smile for the camera and this is what I got. LOL

Dr. Bess Darrow (Tune Ups Veterinary Equine Dentistry and Services) worked on Attagirl this week. We will never know what caused it, but Attagirl has had her tongue split into three sections at some point in her past. No matter what caused it, it had to have been very painful. Surprisingly, Attagirl’s teeth were not too terribly bad.

"Oh mommy Theresa where are you? I have to tell you something. I hope I’m not in trouble but I can’t find my mask. It just kind of fell off when I was playing with CaryLou – oh wait – no – CaryLou pulled it off! That’s what happened! And then I think maybe it got carried away by the wind and it isn’t coming back. But it’s not CaryLou’s fault that the wind carried it away so please don’t tell him I told you what happened, ok?"

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