BH September 1st – 7th Update

September 1st

I caught Freckles overseeing washing of the breakfast tubs this morning. LOL

We had some extra helping hands today – thank you Elizabeth, Bri, and Kelly, Katie, Bobby and Michelle! Low branches on trees got trimmed, cobwebs at the barn got vacuumed up, poop got scooped, and lots more got done! Lucy even got a bath! And while everyone was here JoJo threw one of his throw himself down on the ground tantrums. LOL Marie and Karol were here too – despite the heat they always come on their volunteer days and we appreciate them so much! Bri and Kelly also helped me out with something in the office that I never would have solved myself – I’m technology challenged!

Betsy Rose always loves extra attention. She stayed under the shade of the tree much of the day.

Ruby and Michelle – Ruby is never shy for a selfie.

Cookie got out of her stall for a bit while the Bri and Kelly vacuumed up cobwebs. CaryLou was an angel – except when he was trying to pull JoJo’s sign off the gate.

CaryLou and his hairdo. He’s a riot!

September 2nd

Handsome. He will be getting x-rays of his front feet tomorrow.

September 3rd

Both Donovan and Handsome need x-rays done of their front feet. The vet is coming out around noon today.

September 3rd

Bryce and Serenity are STILL looking for their forever home! Serenity is a reliable trail horse and Bryce is ready to start! Perfect pair. Please share!

September 4th

Handsome is a happy boy – his x-rays came up clean! He’ll never wear pony shoes that are too small for him again! His breathing is fine and he’s feeling good.

I know he remembered Dr. High today. Dr. High is Handsome’s hero! It’s because of Dr. High that Handsome is alive today! Well, he still has some thrush, but we are expecting something in the mail to take care of that.

September 5th

Matilda had a flock of Egrets all to herself yesterday. Notice the black bird photo bombing. LOL

We had the gray Arabian mare, Athena, vetted and her coggins is now in hand. While waiting for her coggins to come back, we have been feeding her and making sure she was taken care of (she is still at her owners). But now that the home offer has fallen through and she has no place to go, it gives us no choice but to squish together some more and we’ll be picking her up no later than Monday. Would anyone like to sponsor Athena? She’s 15 yrs young and is very, very sweet. If anyone would like to adopt this beautiful girl and give her a forever home, please let us know If anyone would like to help with her expenses, it would be so greatly appreciated – right now, she has nobody to help with her expenses.

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a little JoJo for your entertainment! It’s a little loud but so is everything about JoJo’s personality!

September 6th

Please, we need prayers for Peaches this am – she can’t get up. Peaches is our little pony mare that was hit in the head routinely before coming to us. She comes up lame now and then. She recently has been assessed by two vets and they believe she has cranial nerve damage. Dr. Julia has been working on her for this but Dr. Julia is out of town. Another vet is coming out.

The vet is here.

The vet had to go get the X-ray machine.

Peaches’ leg has been iced and she is now resting on a thick bed of shavings. Based on x-rays, it appears to be a splint issue. If anyone would like to help with today’s vet call (exam, x-rays) it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have the total yet but it’s a least $390. Donations can be made to PayPal: bhfer or via other methods found on our website. Donations can also be called into the vet’s office at 352-368-1616. We have eyes on her 24/7 thanks to our camera system. Thank you.

September 7th

Check it out! First day I’ve been able to get a boot on since Donovan and I had a little accident last Thursday. He got my right foot good. Wasn’t his fault though. Swelled up like a football and turned a bazillion colors I’ve never seen before. I’ll update tonight on what we found in his X-rays but right now I’m headed out to visit some horses. Handsome is out there having a great time!


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