BH September 14th Update

September 14th Update

Good morning everyone! Athena wishes everyone a wonderful day!

Donovan is such a good boy. He popped another abscess which brought relief.

"Lookie Mommy Theresa – my nose is just fine. Besides, CaryLou says the clouds are coming and that we should get ready for them by taking my mask off – we wouldn’t want it to get wet if it rains! Please just take it off and then I want to go play, ok?"

Betsy Rose is doing great – she gets hugs all day long.

Happy birthday Eva – we hope you and Delaney had a good time at the rescue today!

It was another very busy weekend at the rescue. I’ll try to post more pictures tomorrow but need to sign off for the night. This is Princess yesterday getting a hooficure from Laura with Kim holding. Eva, Kylie, Roxy, and Paul were all here helping out. We truly appreciate all of our volunteers – we couldn’t do this without support from others. Have a good one everybody!

We are an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit equine rescue organization that operates totally off of donations from the public – we are not funded by County, State, or Federal funds. Funds are needed for vetting, farrier needs, hay, grain, dental needs, equipment maintenance, and there is so much more. Please consider making a one time or automatic monthly donation of any amount to help us to help the horses. Beauty’s Haven was awarded Verified status by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) in 2012. GFAS is the only globally recognized organization that provides standards for identifying legitimate animal sanctuaries. There are various ways to donate – visit our "Donate" page on our website. Our mailing address is PO Box 53, Morriston, FL 32668. Our PayPal address is theresa. All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Please share us with friends, family, and co-workers – it takes a village!

We’ve had many unexpected expenses come up in the past few weeks. We really could use some help right now for hay, grain, farrier, dental, and vet bills. No amount it too small – thank you all for your support.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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