BHFER October 1st to 3rd Update

October 1st

We picked Baby Legs up in 2009 when he was only a few days old – we found him trying to nurse from his momma that had died almost 2 days earlier. He was his momma’s legacy and he was all legs – so the name Legs (short for Legacy) was perfect. Legacy wasn’t very healthy and the first couple of months were tough – I’ll never forget the 3 distinct times we almost lost him. Plasma, around the clock nursing, and lots of TLC brought him through. Now, he’s a happy 5 year old that is very much loved by his human adoptive mom, Jan Braakman. Legacy – we love you!

Betsy Rose, Ruby, Peggy Sue, and a few others here need sponsors to help with funds to resupply some medications (Previcox and Prascend). We currently need $400. Would anyone like to help?

October 2nd

I knew when I saw CaryLou and Lucy running past the office earlier something was up…..
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Awhile before I saw CaryLou and Lucy running past the office today I had seen JoJo (wearing his flymask) and CaryLou playing.

Poor JoJo – even some rubs on his ears didn’t make him feel any better this evening.

Cookies eyes are doing great! She’s a survivor! Cookie had cancer removed from both third eyelids and from her lower left lid this year. Her UF team had to do reconstructive surgery under the left eye and they did a great job.

October 3rd

I wonder what JoJo and Peaches were talking about so early this morning?

Athena waiting to see Dr. Julia. She’s a very sweet mare.

Betsy Rose is napping in front of her cooler.

Serenity & Bryce need a good home! They have always been together.

It’s that time of year that we need sponsor’s for annual deworming kits! We need to purchase 25 of these kits – they are on sale for $30 a kit! The sale is going through Oct 15th so we’d like to place our order by October 14th. Who would like to sponsor 1 or more? We ask that any donation made for this need be marked for "wormer pack". Getting this taken care of would help tremendously! Thank you all for helping the horses! Only 19 more kits needed!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit equine rescue organization that operates totally off of donations from the public. We are not funded by County, State, or Federal funds. Please consider making a one time or monthly donation to help us to continue what we do – we can’t do it alone. Funds are needed for vetting, farrier needs, dental needs, equipment maintenance, and there is so much more. There are various ways you can donate if you visit our "Donate" page on our website (bhfer. All donations are tax deductible and no amount is too small. Please share us with friends, family, and co-workers – it takes a village! Thank you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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