Victoria Has Her Wings 10/29/14

Victoria Has Her Wings

‘When we think of those companions who traveled by our side down life’s road, let us not say with sadness that they left us behind, but rather say with gentle gratitude that they once were with us.’ ~ Author Unknown

This type of post is the hardest for me – this year has been a very tough one to say the least. I don’t know how much more a heart can break but mine is hurting terribly. Victoria has joined Gentleman and the rest of our beloved herd who have passed before her at Rainbow Bridge at 5:00 pm last evening. Although she tried and we’ve tried, this was one hurdle we simply could not get past – at least on this earth. But now, she is running happy and carefree, without pain. We love this mare so much. She’d been through some really tough times before coming here but her rehab went great and she grew strong. Watching her run with a fiery look in her eye that said she loved life was simply breathtaking. We had just put her up for adoption a couple of weeks before she took an indirect lightening strike in July that left her with issues in her back end. She tried keeping a lot of her weight on her front end. We were surprised she didn’t colic or founder and we thought she was out of the woods but then she did took a turn for the worse. X-rays revealed a rotation in her left foot and she abscessed in both. While the right improved significantly, the left got worse. Between the back end issues and issues in both front feet it had just become too much.

Arabians are tough – Victoria had the heart of a champion and she would have continued to fight this battle until she simply could not go on anymore, but we just could not allow her to suffer. I sat with her yesterday afternoon and talked with her, prayed with her, and I just listened. As the answer came, so did the tears – it isn’t what we wanted but it was time to let her run pain free – we loved her enough to let her go. Letting go was the last act of love we could give her. I do try hard to not cry until after they cross – I always want our last moments together to be positive and good. But with Victoria, well, she knew how I was feeling inside and hiding my tears wouldn’t have done any good.

Run with the angels Victoria – you have earned your wings. We love you, always!



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