BH October 30th – October 31st Update

October 30th

Jazzy got a bath today. He was full of briars, rainrot, and crud. I did the best I could but we will have to continue to work on it. His skin is sensitive in spots because of the rainrot. The tea tree treatment should help. The barn feels quite empty without Victoria. I missed her good morning whinnies. I miss her.

Jazzy survived his bath today. I know he has to feel much better. It’s sad to think a baby like this could have so much crud and rain rot. He tags along with Betsy Rose some and is getting more comfortable with humans. The boys will be playing together tomorrow.

"JoJo you have a new brother – his name is Jazzy! He’s not used to being handled by us humans very much. I want you to be nice to him and help him to relax. Tomorrow y’all can play together, ok?"
JoJo didn’t really respond so I’m not sure what’s going on inside his beautiful little brain. We’ll find out tomorrow.

October 31st

JoJo and Jazzy got to spend some time together today. I didn’t realize that JoJo would be like Velcro with me around Jazzy! When he first approached Jazzy, it was like he had no clue that Jazzy was another donkey – he was bewildered!

"Mommy Theresa – I don’t understand. Is this a trick or treat?"
Silly boy! I reminded him that he was the one that had been sad because he didn’t have a donkey friend. So, we got him a donkey friend that needed a home. It was perfect for everyone!

JoJo couldn’t believe it – watching him trying to process all of this was simply incredible! JoJo seemed to think for a few minutes and then asked me if he’d have to share his humans with Jazzy and, of course, I explained that he would. Then of all things – he wanted to know if Jazzy would have to wear a flymask too! I explained that Jazzy isn’t used to be handled by humans yet but that he will, eventually, have his own flymask to wear too. Speaking of flymasks, I realized JoJo wasn’t wearing his.

It took awhile but JoJo finally ventured away from my side. But he stayed between me and little Jazzy. I’m not sure that Jazzy is twice as old as JoJo – he is smaller. I’d say they are very close to being the same age. They finally calmed and started to graze, sort of. JoJo was still on "alert" while I left them alone for a bit while I went to get his flymask.

It was really super cute – it was almost as though JoJo thought he was looking into a mirror and didn’t believe there could possibly be another like him on this planet. LOL

I guess Jazzy had enough of JoJo looking at him like he had green ears or something and decided to run after JoJo. It caught JoJo off guard. It was so funny – it was out of the blue and JoJo just took off and had a look on his face like he couldn’t believe Jazzy had the nerve to chase him! LOL

By the end of the day, they had settled and I found them grazing together. They are sharing a stall and pumpkins tonight. Yep, they both have their own pumpkins! JoJo will help Jazzy calm around humans, I’m sure. And so, a new chapter begins.

And guess what trick or treat present the boys will find hanging outside of their stall in the morning? LOL!!!!

CaryLou thought he was king of the trailer – he had the whole thing to himself! The "kids" play on it like it’s a playground. LOL

"Mommy Theresa come look! It wasn’t me! CaryLou is the one that keeps pulling things out of the golf cart and dropping them on the ground! I told him to stop it or we might both get in trouble but he won’t listen! He says we’re too cute to get into trouble – is he right?"

And lastly, meet Mishka (means Teddy Bear), our newest arrival at Beauty’s Haven. He’s a sweet soul that needed a place to land. I’ll update more about him on Saturday – we’ve still lots to do at the barn tonight. It’s going down to 40 degrees and I have to dig out a couple of blankets while Bob is taking big bales of hay down to the lower paddocks. Would anyone like to help sponsor Mishka? He was on his way to auction when we intercepted him. He is thin and has no mane and he has a lot of sores on his body. His poor ears have no hair – they are swollen and raw. He needs a physical (including bloodwork), farrier and dental treatments.



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