BH November 2nd – 6th Update

November 2nd

Cookie got a some pampering from Elizabethand Bri today! Cookie stays in a stall on sunny days because of her pink skin and history of cancer. She’s a survivor!

Betsy Rose ran away when Eva went to remove her blanket this am. Betsy is pretty opinionated and knows she gets to do as she pleases!

Mishka will be getting vetted tomorrow.

The boys are getting more comfortable with each other, although I do still find JoJo just standing there staring at Jazzy sometimes. lol

November 3rd

Dr. Julia is here to examine and treat Attagirl. She’s had diarrhea and we’ve done a few things to help, but nothing has worked. She’s going to be oiled.

November 4th

Good morning everyone! It will be a very busy day here again! Dr. Julia will be here shortly to examine Mishka – we ran out of time last night because of Attagirl and Princess. Dr. Bess Darrow is coming to work on Betsy Rose, Mishka, and a couple of others.

We brought Donovan up to the barn last night to check out/treat his boo boo’s which are much better – I hopped a ride! It was a nice treat!

Peaches and Dr. Bess Darrow this morning.

This is what Dr. Bess found when she asked Mishka to smile this morning! Mishka has an extra upper incisor which had pushed other teeth sideways. Dr. Bess leveled them up and did quite a bit of other work in his mouth. He’s much happier now and he absolutely loves his hay!

JoJo loves hanging out on our porch. He can easily climb up the stairs but he has difficulty getting down! Last time he took a flying leap and scared me half to death! I think we need a ramp. Anyone got a ramp to spare?

Calling it a day here – so glad these boys are paling around. Everyone needs a BFF!

November 5th

JoJo and Jazzy helping Kylie this evening. Jazzy is feeling better and it’s starting to show.

Please share out Amber – she needs a home! She’s a 6 yr old registered TWH ready for training.

November 6th

JoJo needs to learn to share his humans with Jazzy. It will take a little time for it all to sort out but it will. They were running around playing with CaryLou this evening – I could just picture all 3 of them following me up the stairs. lol

Cookie loves to make faces!

Little E is as sweet as ever.

Mishka has settled in really nice. I’ll update tomorrow on his lab work and what we’ve learned.

It was a beautiful day today. It started it out with a photographer coming out to take pictures of Marie for an article that I believe will be published next month in an Ocala magazine. Sadly, I had to work in the office most of today. This time change has us all messed up.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and thank you for your continued love and support.



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