01/16/15: Betsy Rose’s X-Rays

Betsy Rose’s X-rays
Friday, 16 January 2015
Betsy Rose has been having discomfort mostly in her front feet – mostly the right but she’d shift back and forth between both feet at times and she was laying down more than normal. It started a couple of days after her last hooficure about this time last month. It rained for 2 days after that hooficure. Then Betsy became lame and we thought there may have been an abscess brewing. She did, in fact, pop an abscess in the front right a few days later and she got somewhat better but she still wasn’t herself. We’re always concerned about laminitis so to be sure there was nothing else going on in her feet we opted to have Dr. Porter do some x-rays while he was here on Friday to treat Daisy. We were relieved to see there is no new rotation.
X-rays provided helpful information and the farrier will be here on Wednesday to make some adjustments to Betsy’s feet. And, while Dr. Julia Simonson is here tomorrow to work (acupuncture/massage/chiro) on Matilda, she will also be doing some acupuncture on Betsy Rose.Before coming to us in June 2013, Betsy Rose had suffered. She endured things no horse should ever have to experience. But she is a survivor with a will to live and love beyond measure – she beat the odds. When she arrived, she was too weak to stand and weighed just over 200 lbs. She lived in a sling for the first two months which meant 24/7 hands-on care. Treating bed sores, hand feedings, cleaning her up when she would go to the bathroom, syringing water to her, moving and massaging her legs, helping her to rise and walk in the sling/gantry and, eventually, out of the sling, and much more – her rehab was very intense, time consuming, and exhausting but we held her together. And she held us together – we love her so much! The life lessons she has taught us, and continues to teach us, are worth more than any amount of gold. She believes… And she has taught many others to believe. We’re so very proud of her!
This was Dr. Meeks examining Betsy Rose – the prognosis was poor. Very poor. But it was clear that Betsy Rose wasn’t ready to give up.I made a promise to this little mare the first day she was with us. I promised her that we would do everything we could to make her tomorrow’s everything her past should have been.
The day that Betsy Rose arrived, I apologized to her for how humans had failed her. And then I made a promise to her – I promised her that we would do everything we could to make all of her tomorrow’s everything her past should have been.
We’ll keep you updated with her progress. I know she’ll feel better after her treatment tomorrow – she always does.Some of you may not know Betsy Rose’s story. It’s been an incredible journey. From the day she arrived until 2 months later – here is a video of her first time walking and grazing unassisted – enjoy! Betsy Rose Video

Thank you all for your support – without you we couldn’t do what we do! If you would like to help with Betsy Rose’s x-rays or holistic treatments, any amount of a donation would help. No amount is too small and donations are tax deductible.

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